Cert. of Live Birth shows hospitals treat mom as indigent giving away baby; becomes ward of the state

This Certificate of Live Birth has an informant field to falsely claim the mom is giving away her baby. Only the mom’s maiden name is requested to imply she is unwed and unable to care for her baby. The original hospital and likely still to this day is/are foundling hospital where women may give up their baby. Hospital means the hospitality shown to these moms. The baby becomes a ward of the state. The state can then take away the baby at any time. The mom and dad become foster parents to their own baby, in the eyes of the law, per the informant.

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Photo of cert of live birth showing mom considered indigent and giving away baby

The form requests the “usual residence of mother” to imply she is transient without a fixed home to care for a baby, hence she requests hospitality.  The form asks for the mother’s municipality but does not request any address from the father and does not simply ask for the family’s address, meaning where the mom and dad live.

Informant tip of the policé about shenanigans. In this case, the mom is informing on herself about giving away her baby to the (foundling) hospital(ity).

I spoke to the state and they said it’s perfectly normal to refer to the source of the details as an ‘informant’. It’s only normal because it’s common. But there’s nothing normal about pretending mom’s are giving away. their babies.

The baby is then considered a ward of the state and that’s why the state can force moms and dads to bring their child to gov’t schools and take away the baby if the mom and dad are not considered good parents/guardians. They are lawfully no longer the mom and dad. It’s nuts.

** The baby when reaching possibly 18 has to alert the state that the now adult man or woman can manage their own affairs and no longer needs to be a ward of the state. ** It’s odd that one is asked for one’s mom’s maiden name throughout life. 

Be a simple man: ‘Informant’ means someone who informs law enforcement about criminal or suspicious activity. Don’t try to read between the lines or read into it. They cover their ass by placing the deception in plain site.

Here’s a post from Answers.com

What does informant mean on birth certificate? It means you are signing over your child to the government so then you become the registered keeper the same as you register your car you are the registered keeper not the owner if you don't do things there way they take the child because they own your child you are only the keeper remember you informed

From the essay “We Begin at Birth“:

Your Mother allegedly Abandoned You at birth. Have you noticed the Mother’s address is already pre-typed in one of the boxes? Have you noticed there is no address for the Father on the COLB?

Have you noticed, it is the address of the Mother’s “MAIDEN”; i.e. “unmarried”, name in that box? And have you noticed they had the Mother sign as the Informant, and not the Father? [Read more]

“The informant is real.”

Scene from The Matrix after dump truck crushes phone booth. Three agents talking and one says 'the informant is real'.

From The Godfather

Movie scene with quote" Get our informers to find out where it's going to be held." Man sitting on chair. Scene from The Godfather


And common uses of the word “informant”:

Surveillance footage of the incident didn’t yield any informant on the driver or license plate. John Benson, cleveland, 22 Nov. 2022 The case remained unsolved until an informant contacted the FBI in 1991, informing them that Colon hired a hitman to murder employees at Adonis, a strip club in London founded by former Chippendales performers. Jasmine Washington, Seventeen, 21 Nov. 2022 Eventually, he was betrayed by one of his closest confidants, a Venezuelan-American informant who confessed to diverting funds from the undercover stings. CBS News, 14 Nov. 2022

This is why moms are encouraged, if not shamed into, having a baby at a hospital(ity). Having a baby is not complex. One might get a midwife, but racing to the hospital(ity) to be in a room of people with one’s legs open forward is just odd.


I do think the baby nursery is part of the ploy to change a mom into a parent/guardian. The mom delivers the baby and they take away the baby, only to then bring it back to the mom who, in the eyes of the state, is now a guardian, while the state is responsible for the baby. Why else take the baby away from the mom? I know a mom who said that after having her baby she was sitting alone in the hospital room wondering when they would bring back her baby. The nurses said they thought she (the mom) wanted to sleep. The mom said “bring me my baby”.

Photo of babies in a hospital nursery.

The Certificate of Live Birth shown above is all that is needed for a baby. The short-form, horizontal certificate is for the ship/person berthed/birthed as a vessel the baby may use in merchant commerce. Put simply, don’t apply for or get the short form one.

Yet, I must add that the essay We Begin at Birth says to NOT use the COLB, presumably because it says i am a ward of the state (abandoned by my mother). I presume that I must amend the record to state i am sound mind and the age of majority and can now manage my own affairs.

The We Begin at Birth essay says the Cestui Que Vie act explicitly states how to take control of one’s estate.


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