The city is not incorporated, it created a corporation. Wichita created CITY OF WICHITA

Hypothesis: When they say the city was incorporated, they could mean that the people running the city have created a corporation with a similar name to the city. The actual city is still there but they choose to act through their corporation as part of their scheme for more power.

The city is an entity created by the people and the city and its employees serve their owners, who are the people. But the city admins and politicians can flip this by creating a corporation, then acting upon the corporate personas.

  • Wichita (the city) creates CITY OF WICHITA
  • CITY OF WICHITA has control over the PERSONS/PERSONAS/STRAWMANS created when the people were born

They portray it as Wichita (the city) transformed into CITY OF WICHITA, and Wichita (the city) no longer exists. I don’ think this is the case. I think Wichita does some basic functions, and one of them is holding the corporate charter for CITY OF WICHITA.

Similarly, The United States of America also created a corporation called UNITED STATES.

Anyone and any government is allowed to create a corporation. Just don’t try to convince me that if the people can create a city, the city can create a corporation, and suddenly that corporation has jurisdiction/power over the people.

If I lived within/on Wichita, the corporation they created is irrelevant to me, the man.

A recent donor shared the following:

Biden made an Executive Order that by the 4th of April, every gov., office, must re-list themselves under, Unique Entity I.D.(UEID), removing any Dun and Bradstreet listing reference. Kind of proves the whole corporate is.

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