How to be a national. This man has good ideas.

Notice/Update: A regular reader claims the man in the video is wrong. That reader wrote this guest post, published last month. 

I think this man gets a lot of this genre right.

I like how he refers to himself as a national. I wrote about this before that news articles about people from other countries refers to those people as ‘nationals’ of their country. Examples such as ‘Chinese national’ or ‘French national’. I am American national or even a national of my home (nation) state, one of the 50 united states. I guess I would say I’m an American national and a state citizen of my state. But really American national has no meaning when I’m within my state or one of the 50 states. I think American national only applies when I’m abroad because the states may always intercourse with other (nation) states via USofA.

So the net is that I’m a state citizen. That also means I’m an American national.

Here’s the video:

Rebuttal from a reader/contributor:

The video of the man talking of being a US national is erroneous.
He claims, also, to be a noncitizen national.
A noncitizen national is an American Samoan.
Everything he said in the video is wrong, misleading, and nonsense.

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2 comments on “How to be a national. This man has good ideas.

  1. WHY would you ever refer to yourself as a national or citizen?!
    red apple, green apple, still an apple. Both of these statuses have allegiance to a body politic.

    ALWAYS look up the meaning in a reliable law dictionary – Ballantine’s and Bouvier’s are avail online.

    “man/woman on the land” should be sufficient. My preference is Earthonian = from the earth returning to the earth.

    Also see: The 5 Words Used to Control/ Enslave You

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