United States (govt) controlled vast areas in 1850. They want to keep it that way.

What we’re dealing with is a federal government that amassed incredible power as people moved westward in the 1800s, and that same federal government does not want to scale down.

In 1850, United States, meaning the federal government, controlled the land from Iowa to California. This was almost half of what is now the 50 states.

What they have done is convince everyone that the states are territories and the people are U.S. citizens (of those territories) and not state citizens, first.

map of 1850 showing land between iowa and oregon was territories

I just feel that the map shows where the U.S. was at one point, and now it only has authority to manage Puerto Rico, DC, and much smaller areas.

In addition, they are treating the people like they treated the Native Americans.

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