The USA flag must be secondary. Fly the state flag first. Establish jurisdiction.

As I learn more, I see that the USA flag has very little to do with me. The flag of my current state or really any of the 50 states is more important. I mean really important. Because of jurisdiction.

I must fly the state flag at my home and even on my car/conveyance to show and establish jurisdiction.

They are not playing. They want to trap me into the United States (federal land) jurisdiction and take me out of the my state’s jurisdiction. Then they can apply all their federal laws upon me. If they see the federal flag at my doorstep, I’m basically saying I fly under and stand under federal jurisdiction.

That is not where I want to be. I want to stand under and be part of my state. I can convey this by flying the state flag.

Of course, we’re not at sea and not in battle, so it’s hard to defend the idea of even flying a flag on the land during peace.

But since they are battling me and they are pretending we’re all on ships at sea, then I do need to fly the state flag to establish jurisdiction.

Flying the USA flag is like someone in Spain flying the European Union flag. Yes, that is the equivalent. But give it time, soon people within the EU, with enough conditioning, will feel more proud to fly the EU flag than the flag of Spain. We here in the 50 states have already been through this conditioning and mistakenly think it’s better to fly the USA flag than one’s state flag.

Check out Etsy for hats with state flags.

Richard MacDonald mentions somewhere in this two-hour video that a man was raided by federal agents and one said that the US flag flying out in front of his home confirmed the agents had jurisdiction.

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