Registering to vote is a trap. United States (meaning the territories) has nothing to do with thee

I’m seeing all these ads about registering to vote and about voting. If thou was eligible to vote in a jurisdiction, thou would not need to register. One might have to confirm one can vote in a jurisdiction, but no need to register.

The only people who do need to register are those who are otherwise not eligible to vote until they specifically ask to vote.

Then most people mistakenly claim they are citizens of the United States. That can mean a few things:

  • A 14th amendment, federal citizen who is not a state citizen.
  • An employee/office-holder in the corporate UNITED STATES

But citizen of the United States usually does not mean citizen of the United States of America. Those people who are state citizens are already eligible to vote in an election of the United States of America. No need to register.

But it may be the case that the federal government and the (real) state governments are not holding elections because no one is manning the roles. Or maybe there are two elections going on simultaneously.

When it comes to postage and letters, the government has not addressed this for 50 years or more. The postage rate, as I have proven, is still two cents per half ounce (I use four cents) letter.

I do see that President Biden still stands by a flag without gold trim when acting internationally. To me, this implies that he is acting as president of The United States of America in these meetings and at these events. But aside from these international engagements, it seems that he acts as president of the territories and federal land.

So I don’t think registering to vote is a good idea.

State citizens are automatically eligible to vote. It used to be, I think, that one had to own property to be eligible to vote. But there was nothing about registering.

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