One sentence declaration to confirm one is free

Guest Post:  This is a post submitted by a reader.

There are only two conditions in life. You are either free, or unfree. There is no in-between.
In America, there are only two bodies, or systems, of Law:

  1. Common Law freedom, and
  2. “Feudal” Merchant Law subjugation.

Under Common Law, the individual is his own “lord” with allegiance to Yahweh.

Under the Merchant Law, the individual owes obeisance and allegiance to the federal seat of power, i.e., Washington, D.C.

The Secretary of State in D.C. (SoS) is “the lord of the manor” to the unfree “U.S. citizen/resident”.

His office cannot present to foreign nations an American citizen without evidence in his possession of that American’s true personal political status.

The passport is the means of identifying the American and his “political status” to those foreign nations.
Regarding “Birthright Citizenship”, the child’s “political” heritage is the same as that of his parents; exactly as in the feudal system.

Under Common Law, the child’s biological heritage is determined by his blood-relationship to his father, which is biblical and Christian in origin. His political heritage is decided by the parents until he comes of age to decide for himself.

In opposition to this is the construct of matrilineal heritage; satanic and unchristian.

A simple one sentence written statement to the SoS “lord of the manor” is sufficient to correct one’s status to national.

Notarizing the statement as an affidavit “weaponizes” the affidavit for the future purpose of giving legal and lawful NOTICE to agents of government, whether federal, state, or local.

There are many examples that demonstrate the accuracy of the above to be found at

Now, it is your turn to learn why all of the above is accurate.


The one sentence is provided by the State Department at certificate of non citizen nationality, at the bottom of that page.

Roger has improved it a bit as found on

However, all you need to communicate with the one sentence is that you are now no longer a “U.S. citizen/resident” but a national.

They cannot deny you, because EVERYTHING is VOLUNTARY and this is your voluntary choice of body of Law to be subject to. Period!

The Truth is ALWAYS simple and direct.

“I (Your Name) declare under the penalty of perjury of the laws of the United States of America my intention and desire to be a national, with God given Constitutionally protected Rights and not a “citizen of the United States”, in a condition of voluntary servitude with civil rights, under the scope and purview of the 14th Amendment.”

2nd Addendum

That research is found via Roger Sayles’ compilation of observations and informed conclusions collated at, his book and website, and also his live two-hour call-in Monday through Saturday (and Sundays).

Facts are facts, and truth is truth.

The biggest hurdle anyone has is getting past the “it’s too good to be true, then why isn’t everybody doing it” syndrome.

Not everyone has “eyes to see and ears to hear”!

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