Form I-9 shows how private turned to public. Given name becomes first name. Street number and Name becomes Address.

The United States (government) I-9 form (see below) shows how one operates in the public (meaning government) versus the private. It shows that First Name, Last Name and Address are government corporation designations or corporate designations. It shows their language for their world.

  • We say Given Name. They say First Name
  • We say family name. They say Last Name
  • We have a street number and name. Their people live at an “address”

I don’t have a first name. I don’t have a last name. And I don’t have an address. Why? Because I don’t work for United States (government) and I’m not a citizen of the territories (such as puerto rico) and I’m not a former slave naturalized via the 14th amendment. Top part of the i-9 form with arrows pointing to given name, family name and street number and name




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