ATF agent tackled by local peace men

In case thou missed it, a few months ago, two local peace men (officers) tackled and cuffed a federal ATF agent for trying to take the firearm of a local, who had called for help.

I bring this up because we must leverage the tension between local and federal armed teams. We must explain to the local sheriffs, deputies, and peace men that the federal agents have ZERO jurisdiction on state land.

But let’s role the video:

Federal agents have authority in United States, which is the territories and federal land and military bases. The do not have jurisdiction within the states, the land states from 1776 to today.

I wrote about the FBI district offices before.

I think local law enforcement people will be interested in these facts because they don’t want or need the federal agents in their area. And I think the locals are truly upset when the federales show up without telling the locals about the action.

Starting at the 2:10 mark, we can see the reaction when the agents arrive:

And the Die Hard scene:

The ATF agent is now suing the local peace men for excessive force. Clearly, there is bad blood between the local and the feds. I think it’s safe to say that the ATF will either cease their actions in this area or notify the local sheriff about any actions.


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