Sign here? Does thou mean a stop sign? What type of sign?

When they say ‘sign here‘ or the form says ‘sign here’, do they mean a STOP sign? Should i place a stop sign above the line?

I am man, so I could autograph above the line, but the form is asking for a sign?

OK. Here is my sign:

"Sign here" and a line, with a rugged stop-sign image

Of course, they want us to ‘sign’ or add a sign-ature because they want the emblem of the corporation/trust for which we are the agent.

We unknowingly are acting as the agent for the corporation.

Mankind autographs. Corporations only have their stamp or their sign.

I strike the words ‘sign here’ and write in ‘autograph’.

Of course, one must learn how to autograph, as explained on ‘living in the private

More signs:

"sign here' text with a line and the image of a slippery-when-wet floor sign placed on the line


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