John Wayne’s character was a peace officer, not a policé/policy officer, as shown in True Grit

Law and order was enforced by the peace officer, not the policé/policy officer, according to the film True Grit, starring John Wayne.

Old movies, regardless if based on true events, show how a series of events would have occurred had it been real.

The film makers, if they’re honest, study the time period and have the characters dress, act and speak the way people spoke back them.

In this scene, the young woman asks John Wayne’s character, “What did you do before you became a peace officer?”

What did you do before you became a peace officer - subtitles on film

We still have peace officers. What refer to as policé/policy officers can do both jobs:

  • For real crime with a victim: they are peace officers
  • For a statutory crime without a victim: they are enforcing merchant policy applied to merchants/persons (personas)

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