U.S. forms cannot be changed by gov’t employees, but maybe we can change them

Update: I no longer agree with the below. I think we should change their forms. We are not officers of the govt or its municipal corporations. We can change their forms. Their officers cannot. In fact, we must change their forms

We actually shouldn’t even be using gov’t forms if we don’t work for or with the govt but it seems if we must, some people say we can change the forms to ensure we don’t forfeit our rights and grant them jurisdiction.

It’s definitely against the code to change the forms, but if the code only applies to government employees (also called citizens), then everyone else possibly can change the form, and actually likely has an obligation to change the form to correct it for use by a non-citizen (non-employee or contractor).

I can’t find the main point made by SEDM about modifying forms.

Though they also write the IRS thinks they can penalize people for modifying the jurat and as an alternative, one can do the following:

Since the IRS likes to try to illegally penalize people for changing the ‘jurat’ or perjury statement at the end of the 1040NR form, they you can accomplish the equivalent of physically modifying the words in the perjury statement by redefining the words in the statement or redefining the whole statement in its entirety in an attached letter.

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