Justice dept calls it “District of Maryland” not Maryland. What is District of Maryland?

We have more proof that United States does not technically operate within any of the union states, where it lacks jurisdiction.

United States Department of Just-ice has a team overseeing an area called ‘District of Maryland’. As Dorothy would say, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Here’s a screenshot of a recent press release. Notice ‘DISTRICT OF MARYLAND’.


On their home page for this district, they clearly say they serve residents (resident aliens) in the state of Maryland. They don’t serve Maryland state citizens.

They serve 14th amendment citizens domiciled in District of Columbia and residing within Maryland (not living permanently within Maryland).

“Our United States Attorney’s Office serves nearly six million residents throughout the state of Maryland.”

Though later on the same page, they do say they help citizens as well:

We are proud to serve the citizens of Maryland and devoted to enhancing the quality of life in our state.

Back to the main point, if they had jurisdiction in Maryland (the state) then the office would be for Maryland (the state).

But they don’t have jurisdiction within the state, just jurisdiction over the federal land in the state and their 14th amendment citizens.


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8 comments on “Justice dept calls it “District of Maryland” not Maryland. What is District of Maryland?

    1. We lived 15 mins away in Virginia but I guess they thought that was a better hospital —lucky me!

      Idk I read somewhere that the land is still Maryland/Virginia since DC is fictional and not a State…what a mess

      Love your site!

      1. Oh, then if thy mom and dad are Virginians, then being born on DC is the same as being born on France, it was just due to circumstances, and not indicative of nationality. I’d expect thou is a Virginian, a Virginia (1781) state citizen.

      2. I think DC is real. It’s not Virginia, in my opinion. Maybe I’m wrong. The Constitution does provide 10 square miles. I don’t know why that was necessary. the 10 square miles. The Pentagon is on a reservation just about the size fo the Pentagon. It was not necessary to have a square mile or two.

  1. I’ve recorded an Affidavit of Status and notice proclaiming I am no longer all of those things they presume us to be (dead, abandoned, minor, etc)

    Those are recorded in the county I live but I’m wondering if I should also record them in DC (the place I was born)?

    I’d love to figure out how to actually access the estate account for paying bills, etc.

    1. I might focus on the county where thou grew up, to update the county records there. I don’t think DC is material because it’s like being born within France on vacation. They don’t consider it a French matter.

      As for the estate account, on the one hand I think that is there account/person, that they borrowed against, and we then pay taxes into. And this belongs to them. On the other hand, I wonder if we are entitle to a cut of gains from the natural resources of our state, possibly because its our birthright, and I wonder where that money is going.

      They declared me a bastard and ward of the state. Have they been taking my birthright share of the natural resources? Via usufruct. Not sure.

      Would be great if thou would email me the Affidavit thou recorded and a bullet point list of the steps thou took. I could publish it as a post, crediting thee. My email is guide at educatedinlaw.org

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