Disadvantages of Being a 14th Amendment Slave:

by Richard McDonald

People always ask “what are the advantages of being a State Citizen”?

Seems like a rather stupid question; it’s like asking, “Why is it so bad to be ruled by a slave master and be a slave?”

Here’s a list of things to consider for 14th amendment slaves (with a Socialism Servitude number). You don’t have to believe this; you can do a little studying and find out for yourself that it is correct.

If you don’t understand why State Citizens are above all this, you need to study.

[the order of paragraphs has no meaning; “14th” means “14th amendment person/slave”, “S.C.” means “State Citizen”]
  1. * 14th’s are a CRIMINALS under their rules. There are now so many “codes” that every 14th must be guilty of breaking some code. Every week they make up more and more, there are thousands and thousands of “codes” now written (codes=codes, laws=laws). That gives them authority to come in and take you away. For a S.C. to be a criminal, there must be a victim. No victim, no crime. Whenever a “code” has been broken, try to get a verified complaint (showing a injured party) from your court, just try it and watch them get upset at you. Yes, S.C.’s have laws, they are not “lawless”, but there must be justice and a victim (think of how things were 60 years ago).
  2. * 14th’s are great for “revenue”. They are so stupid that they pay up anytime their master says “pay”. If a 14th gets put in the slammer, you hear a cash register ring in the back room, the Feds pay for every 14th that’s in jail. Unless you pay them the other way “go see the cashier and pay the fine”, again you hear the cash register ring. Either way, they get their money. Business has been really good.
  3. * 14th’s may not get a jury trial. They say 14th’s don’t get one for “infractions”. S.C.’s get a jury trial any time they want one, it’s a Right.
  4. * 14th’s rights are GRANTED to them by Congress. For this wonderful privilege that their master gives them, they now owe their master something in return. 14th’s always claim their “Constitutional rights”, but how is it that a document that is the control on government gives anyone rights? Can the master take them away or modify them at any time? S.C.’s have inalienable Rights, they can’t be taken away, there’s no charge for this, and it’s yours by birth (do you like having something that was yours SOLD BACK to you for a fee? There goes that cash register again!).
  5. * 14th’s status is the same as someone who holds a Green Card (a “resident alien”).
  6. * The master TOTALLY owns the 14th (your body is property), their personal property, and their children. They can (and have) take their liberty away and anything they [think they] own, without going to court (yes, they sometimes go to their own court, it looks official doesn’t it?). The property is theirs, so why not take it?
  7. * 14th’s have no privacy. The [IRS] Internal (hint: internal to the 10 miles square called D.C. and its citizens/slaves wherever they are in the world) Revenue (hint: cash register ringing) Service (yeah right, bend over and be serviced) needs to keep track of their slaves, and wants to know how much wealth they have accumulated for them. They know exactly where their money is kept (bank accounts via Socialism Slave number) and how much. When they want it, they will come and get it.
  8. * 14th’s can be transferred to and under another master. How about the U.N.? They have a new set of rights to “grant” to 14th’s, all printed up and ready to go. One of the very first “rights” say that 14th’s have no right to have a weapon, total disarmament. That way a 14th can’t threaten the security of their wonderful master (read some of the stuff Thomas Jefferson wrote about this and government tyranny).
  9. * 14th’s have no access to common law. In California they made up a “substitute” State Constitution for the 14th’s. They have amended this thing so many times no one knows what control the “people” [slaves?] have over the “government”, the “government” just votes itself new powers whenever it feels like it. S.C.’s use the original and properly put in place common law version to put the “government” in its place, 14th’s are not allowed to have “law” access to that document. (California was never re-admitted to the Union of the several States, was it?)
  10. * Almost everything a 14th does in a State is illegal (they are foreigners). Thus, they need a “license” (permission to do something that would normally be illegal) for almost everything. Do you hear the cash register ringing to grant these wonderful “licenses”?
  11. * 14th’s must get permission to operate a car, especially since their car is owned by the “government” (the State govt). They do grant permission to transfer it, and to operate it (pink slip, only after the cash register rings).
  12. * 14th’s are UNDER the government, they don’t have to listen to their slaves. They should be courteous to them, don’t want them to get mad and escape. But, mostly they just listen, hang up and then go back to what they were doing (probably busy ringing their own personal cash register).
  13. * 14th’s have no recourse in the common law courts. There are no immunities to common law, ever wonder why government “representatives” get away with so much? They know 14th’s have no way to do anything to them because 14th’s are under them. How can you possibly take someone into a court that they own? Go ahead, ask your local “Muni” court “judge” if he is under the People of your State, watch him squirm and be very quiet (when it’s on the record). If he’s a 14th, then he’s a alien and can not represent the People, can he?
  14. * A 14th’s master has power of attorney for his slaves (the ability to sign things and run your affairs for you). 14th’s have signed so many contracts, and since the master has the ability to sign for them, a 14th has no idea how many things he has (or the master has) signed up for. Why can’t they just sign a death warrant for you that says “I want to die today”, and then just do it for you?
  15. * 14th’s have no inalienable Rights (rights granted by GOD and cannot be taken away). Doesn’t that bother you no end? They can scream “I want my rights” all they want, if the slave master doesn’t want to give them out one day, then that’s it (don’t be fooled, they tell you that you have rights, but just try to get them when you go before their cash register/court).
  16. * 14th’s pay taxes on whatever the master wants, regardless of “representation”. When you LABOR, you receive PROPERTY in exchange. A “S.C.” doesn’t pay taxes on his property, only LAWFUL taxes that are voluntary and properly represented. No one can tax property without permission (via a contract) [hear the cash register ring again?].
  17. * 14th’s don’t understand the HISTORY of AMERICA. If they did, they would not be 14th.
  18. * 14th’s think “U.S.” is the same thing as “U.S.A.”, too bad for them. I see a extra character there, don’t you?
  19. * 14th’s are SECOND CLASS citizens. Who would want to be that?

There are lots more, but this is good enough (except for the extremely hard-headed).

Get to the ROOT of the problem: most of the population is under Voluntary Servitude. This is what’s wrong. Don’t worry about what they are feeding you on television; they own that too. Most of what you hear on television is for 14th’s. Maybe they should call it “Slave Television”

If you don’t claim your right as a State Citizen (that you were when you were born, before you entered into a really stupid contract), you will not be able to change things or help your fellow Americans at all. This is the root of the problem, you must start here, then you can make changes that stick.

Don’t get stuck on one little issue and then just say it’s all wrong. This stuff is buried very deep in “poo poo” and “mumbo jumbo” that you may never find the truth. Always think to yourself, “Is there another way so that I don’t have to give up my Rights to do this or do that?”

You can just sit on your butt and figure that whenever you get in trouble, then you will “change back”, but by then you are deep into their “venue” or “jurisdiction”. You made the wrong moves because you were too lazy to study a bit and learn what to do. It’s really not that hard. Many people have spent many hours in jail and in court trying to get out from under their jurisdiction, it’s the stupid and wasteful way to go.

People always get messed up about all this, they think they can’t contract anymore if they are a State Citizen. But State Citizens have the UNLIMITED RIGHT TO CONTRACT, but they have enough education to know how to keep themselves out of “Servitude”. It’s not hard, but you do have to learn. How many contracts do you have now, do you have any idea? State Citizens know.

Our government has one purpose, to protect OUR Rights. That really doesn’t take much when you think about it. They will not “fall apart” because of this, they did just fine before they made slaves of everyone. They will just have to obey the rules again, and be ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE (State Citizens).

This is America, home of the FREE. If you are scared of your government, or feel like communism has set in (they don’t tell you everything on TV etc.), then it’s all because you are a SLAVE under them. You should not fear them, they should fear YOU.

What does it take to get your State Citizenship back?

Some education that you never got in school. Reading, research, and seeking sources of this sort of information. They are available widely, you just need to seek it out. No one is going to just plop it into your lap, it’s time to become responsible for yourself. Mommy [slave master, govt] is not around to help you anymore.

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3 comments on “Disadvantages of Being a 14th Amendment Slave:

  1. Lol…yes… it’s called the cosmic joke. Very humours and well written. Thanks 💚 Getting out of the public domain into the private is essential. PMA’s are a good place to start. Also 1st amendment religious organizations under code 508 (c)(1)(a). Ignorance is the absence of truth, but not everyone wants the truth. Free will and all that jazz )

  2. David Straight seems to have a better process than Roger Sayles or Richard McDonald.

    The steps to becoming a ‘Straight National’ are straightforward and quite easy to follow.

    I still don’t understand the land patent vs. allodial title bit though.

    1. Richard McDonald says part of allodial title is that one must have the land re-surveyed based on the real meridians so the land is placed on the land not in the middle of the Pacific or Atlantic ocean and therefore under maritime law or possibly then not even land, just an area of water.

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