My pronouns are thou, thee, thy.

With so many people asserting their preferred pronouns, now is the perfect opportunity for me to assert mine:


As I’ve stated many times, ‘you’ is always plural. It has been part of the deception where in merchant law courts:

  1. they only recognize companies/merchants
  2. they can only see companies and
  3. therefore refer to everyone as ‘you’, which is always plural.

Some people who used be referred to as she, now want to be referred to as he. Fine. Those people (and everyone else) will now need to refer to me as ‘thou‘, not ‘you’.

Try the handout

My pronouns are thou/thy/thee.  I don’t use the title Mister. I’m not in the Navy.  I don’t use the title Sir. I’m not in the military.

When talking to their policy officers or their agents, I must explicitly rebut their presumption that I am representing the persona FIRST LAST (name) and instead that I am a man-on-the-land. One man, that is. One.

I’m on the verge of creating a laminated half-sheet of paper showing these pronouns.

They are dishonoring me by using ‘you’. They also dishonor me by using mister, sir, person, etc.

So let’s try this.

  • How art thou today?
  • Does this hat belong to thee?
  • I brought thy hat to thy home.

Practice makes perfect. Practice makes it sound perfectly normal.

The deception is that they have been pretending we are part of their traveling band of mer-chant ships who sell mer-chandise as  master/mister on a mer-chant ship operating under mer-chant law. When their are troubles in their merchant area, their policy officers enforce their code/statutes (not common law), and say:

‘Hey, you (all) there! You can’t have a sale/sail now! Your ship is under arrest! Are you mister LAST? Show me your (business) ID-entity? Let me confirm we have jurisdiction over you.”

The video below masterfully explains the use of thou/thee/thy except for the use of ‘you’ as ‘formal’. It has never been formal. It’s always been part of their deception.


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