Kindergarten teacher asks students if they are good ‘global citizens’

The public school system is in place to deceive people into thinking they are either 14th Amendment U.S. citizens of the territories or citizen/employees of UNITED STATES inc.

They are now teaching students they are ‘global citizens‘ to ultimately deceive them into thinking they are citizens of a supra-national entity and must ‘pledge allegiance’ to it.

I overheard a kindergarten teacher saying she tries to get her students to behave better and as part of this will ask:

“Would a good global citizen behave this way?”

Or maybe she said, “Are you being a good global citizen?”

Maybe one could say it’s just a figure of speech, but I would say there’s no need whatsoever to ever ask if someone is being a good ‘global citizen’ when one can instead ask, “Is that good behavior?”


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