Tax form says ‘individual’ means ‘sole-proprietor’. Individual is not a man. It means a company, an entity.

A tax form i came across revealed part of the deception about the tax on federal income.

The tax form, on a vendor site, lists ‘entity‘ options, and the first option in the list is “individual / sole proprietor”.

Hence, this likely means when IRS refers to an individual, IRS means a company of one. IRS does not mean a man.

screenshot of form: Entity Type: Individual/Sole Proprietor or single-member LLC, C Corporation, S Corporation,etc

In addition, the entire field is called Entity Type, and entity is a business entity!

IRS pretends/presumes that we are all acting in commerce as one of their franchises, which is the FIRST LAST (all caps, joinder of given name and family name).

Further, then the 1040 form is for sole proprietors — usually their franchises, not men.

Screenshot of top of Form 1040 - U.S. Individual Income Tax Return



Most people should be using the 1040 NR, for non-resident aliens, because of their status, but I can see now, also because they are not operating as a sole-proprietor. The word alien at least implies a man, not a business entity, I think.

Screenshot of top of 1040NR - U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Form

Other thoughts

  • The phrase ‘nonresident alien’ helps confirm Richard MacDonald’s point that the term ‘resident’ is short for ‘resident alien’. On the 1040NR, they include the word alien, but when speaking about residents, they always intentionally omit the term alien to hide the deception. See Richard MacDonald’s video.

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3 comments on “Tax form says ‘individual’ means ‘sole-proprietor’. Individual is not a man. It means a company, an entity.

  1. It seems I can never get just a simple correct answerer to my question?
    Who is who and what is what ? according to the U.S Attorney the proper party may be the USA NOT THE UNITED STATES.

    1. Chuck – Is this an actual court case? All caps usually means a corporation. Anna: Von Reitz might say this and be right. She has a firm grip on all the various verticals.

      Me has not seen the style of including “THE” in “THE UNITED STATES”. Usally the muni corp is presented as “UNITED STATES”.

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