The phrase ‘given name’ is real. See Maryland driver’s license

Bill Turner points out that the driver’s license separates out the Family name and the Given Names.

And so it is on the Maryland Driver’s License.

Of course, state citizens don’t need licenses, but this image is still helpful. More after the image.

Maryland license showing area for Family Name and also area for Given Names

I find it odd that they will relentlessly ask for the first and last name, but on the license that say family name and given names.

I always say, “My given name is…” as well as other wordings.

Bill says we should not use the name of the father (the family name), as that is the name of the trust and that makes us trustee, whereas we are and need to stay as the beneficiary.

We can use the names given to us. And we were not given the family name.

Bill’s video:


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2 comments on “The phrase ‘given name’ is real. See Maryland driver’s license

  1. This Man’s yet to be returned GEORGIA DRIVER’S LICENSE is slightly different. Notably, on the license card (unlike the MARYLAND card) there is no “USA” next to GEORGIA. Where it shows names only numbers denote the places. #1 shows ALL CAPS last name in BOLD print. #2 shows ALL CAPS given name in non-bold print. there is a field called “Governor” where there appears to be an autograph with a colon : separating the first and last parts, B : P….

      • Odd that the license would have the corporate ‘last name’ along with the private, flesh/blood ‘given name’.
      • Bold formatting likely benign.
      • Lack of ‘USA’ could be a good thing since not federal and getting a DL not an international event, last time me checked.
      • Interesting that a name has colon within it.

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