Everything from the corporate governments is an offer because corporations can only contract with corporations

I had read many times that everything from a city, state, federal government is an offer. I know realize this is the case because these ‘governments’ are actually corporations and a corporation can only contract with another corporation. And when corporations interact, they don’t force anyone to do anything. They make a contract.

Now, if wo/man mistakenly acts as the agent for the all caps FIRST LAST name, then a contract is formed, and the legal society and their courts can now, I guess, penalize non-performance with fines, jail, etc.

So whatever is sent to FIRST LAST is actually an offer! I guess it’s like some fetish where people pay them to treat them badly. That’s a contract as well.

This idea came to mind today while reading the brilliant Living in the Private, specifically this section:

A presentment is a written “demand for payment”, or for a “performance”. Presentments addressed to the artificial legal “person” NAME, are often in all-capital-letters and/or with a fictional title such as “Mr.” or “Mrs.”. They are not addressed to a living man or woman.

All presentments that arrive in the post addressed to the artificial legal “person” NAME, sent by incorporated governments/corporations, are offers of contract made to a living man or woman.

This is because incorporated governments/corporations are legal fictions, and so they can only contract with other legal fictions. They NEED a living man or woman to step forward to take responsibility for the liabilities attached to the NAME. In this way, a private man or woman in their “private capacity” can contract to “act” in a “public capacity” in the “role” of an artificial legal “person” NAME.

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I had previously written that all ‘orders’ and ‘direct orders’ are really company purchase orders. Thou can provide a fee schedule.


  • It is horribly depressing that people are duped into spending 12 years in the government obedience schools that teach nothing of value, whereas they could have studied law or many other topics that could help them.
  • It is vital that we catch up.

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One comment on “Everything from the corporate governments is an offer because corporations can only contract with corporations

  1. I’m been harassed by Dept collectors for years as we know they are also legal fictions all fines tickets speeding tickets etc all go to the straw man and NOT living man court orders is also an invite etc…

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