Was suspect a male or man? Did he reside there or live there? Language in news stories

Couldn’t help but notice that a recent news store described the someone as “18 year old male who resided in…”.

Why do authorities say male instead of man? Could it be they cannot prosecute men but can prosecute a ‘male’ ‘individual’?

Why do they say the male resides somewhere instead of saying the man lives somewhere?

Could it be that they want to pretend the ‘person’ (a corporation) is domiciled/birthed in DC and only resides (temporarily lives/works) somewhere else?

I also noticed before this that they started to say ‘person of interest’ rather than suspect. While I do think the word suspect smears someone who may be innocent, person of interest has its own downsides since a person is an artificial entity.

It’s possible men could be described as live persons or living persons, and that may be acceptable, but i don’t think I see that often or ever.

In summary, we are men and women living on a city or on the land. We are not persons residing in a city, because that basically says we are agents for corporations temporarily carrying at the duties of the office of citizen.

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2 comments on “Was suspect a male or man? Did he reside there or live there? Language in news stories

  1. Further in the vein of “person of interest,” etc… In federal bureau of prisons: prisoners are instead called “inmates”. This Man knows another Man, Jim-Scott, who says that “inmate” is a compound word in-mate. In-(the office of) Mate (the crewman of a ship). All “inmates” are ALL CAPS NAMED. [i.e. JAMES ALVA]

    1. Wow. Yes, another maritime and corporate reference (double-whammy). Though, me thinks the primary purpose of prison is to hold the body until until the charge is paid via ‘rents’ from the man’s (likely hidden) trust. Has to do with staple towns where one could hold the land of another, and use it to generate rent, until the man’s debt is paid. At least that’s where my thinking is currently.

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