Having a baby turned into a dystopian, sterile experience as part of baby abandonment scam

Babies should be born at home, ideally in a water birth, with a mid-wife, and with the woman facing backward to the midwife. No pressure to have the baby. The midwife stands by until the baby wants to come out.

Yet, instead people race to a sterile, impersonal hospital. Then the woman sits on her bum, opens her legs, often facing a man, with other people watching as well. And she feels pressure to get on with it.



Why do moms choose the 2nd option? Because they’ve been mis-informed that having a baby is risky.

Why have they been misinformed? Because hospitals are really where indigent moms abandon their babies. The state takes custody, then refers to the mom and dad as MOTHER and FATHER, who are now GUARDIANS, appointed by the state.

snippet of foundling hospital definition where women abandon their baby

This just upsets me to no end because of the odd, impersonal experience of having a baby in what could be called and is treated like an operating room. Yes, there can be complications with a baby being born, but they are rare. There can also be complications from having a baby at a hospital with super-germ infections that are not in one’s living room.

Read about how my mom was treated as single and an informant.

Read about how on paper a vessel delivered and birthed to the dockyard.


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