Business forms…where’s Wisconsin and other American states in country list? Might as well choose Peru!

It’s getting frustrating to not see the 50 american nation-states listed as countries on forms. I click the “country of citizenship” drop-down in the form below, and I don’t see Utah or Pennsylvania or Wisconsin…

Amazon form asking if U.S. citizen

Then I may as well choose any country of the world, since my american (nation) state is not listed. It sure is not United States, meaning the territories such as Guam, DC, etc.

But it’s likely best to choose a country that has not signed the ‘Hague Treaty’ as since none of the American states are part of the Hague thing.

Then I also like the false choice at the top of the form of Individual or Business, since we know that Individual is a not a man or woman, not a people, but instead is a business.

The word individual is listed along with other business/entity forms in this definition:

Person. An individual, trust, estate, partnership, association, company or a corporation.

The basic point is that these forms are frustrating once one knows how the world really works.

Notice also how the drop-down says ‘country of citizen-ship’ rather than nationality or country of nationality. i focus on nationality, not citizen-ship.

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