Blog post edits – informant, four-cent letters

Two updates:

  • Added snippet of my Certificate of Live Birth to show that my mom listed as informant on the document, to imply she has information about the mom and dad of the abandoned baby (me).
  • Added more postmarked letters I sent with just four cents to prove we don’t live in United States (which is the territories). See this post for details.
    Envelope with four cents of stamps - postmarked. Says non-domestic and without united states.

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4 comments on “Blog post edits – informant, four-cent letters

  1. Okay; simply, if tho has no documented ID, No Birth Certificate with a name on it, just identification as ‘baby boy A or B’: my rights will be denied unless tho shows who tho is. How will the SOS of Ohio, confirm my non-domestic status, American National, without satisfaction of documentary evidence.
    Best guess is to copy-right name, using public copy-right?

    Thou exists as a man; yet dead entity[s] demand satisfaction. Living doth not seem to be allowed.

    1. Does thou have the Certificate of Live Birth from the hospital? That would help. Along with any papers showing thou grew up with a specific city, such as school/class photos. Plus I would get affidavits from people who knew thy mom and dad and that thou was born on the land of the state and will attest in writing to this fact.

  2. Thought: so thee has served the contracts, military service, Social Security payments, now receiving, banking contracts, given thy children to the State, which thou will obtain ‘Certificate of Live Birth’, to resend giving away via fraudulent process; and under the Law’s of Nations, retain the fathers upon land national recognition. ie Ohio. Children upon the land, Illinois, in a city upon the ground titled Downers Grove.

    Tho has ended, completed contracts and lives upon the land as a man of a family of Wigle.
    Then for recording purposes upon the land, demand the Secretary of the State, Ohio certify
    the man, as David of a family of Wigle(52,923 third highest number of names, per DNA) DNA is man, not machine. State, Ohio, vs State of Ohio. SOS, State, Ohio, must file the record submitted, of and by the man.

    Tho has completed the contracts and is and contractually awarded Soc. Security ‘notes’, as well veterans disability payments, per the contract of service and per the Veterans Disability Corp, as set up by Congress, or direct payment, monthly, also optional as set by Congress or general military orders: The corps was organized under the authority of General Order No. 105, U.S. War Department, dated April 28, 1863. A similar corps had existed in Revolutionary times. Thus government intended to always take care of it’s veterans unable to take care of themselves; men, not contracts.

    1. Thanks for posting a comment. I just want to add a note about grammar.

          Replace ‘you’ with ‘thee/thou/thy’, as in “Did thou go to the store?” – when posing a question to someone else.
          Keep using “I” or replace with “Me”, as in “Me is going to the store.”
          Also can use “one”, as in “Where does one send the authenticated Certificate of Live Birth?”

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