Is an order really a ‘purchase order’?

Does an ‘order’ from a government agent really mean a ‘purchase order’? I know the federal gov’t created United States, which then creates franchise names using someone’s given and family names to have JOHN PATEL. So when an agent for UNITED STATES (inc) says ‘that’s on order’ or this is an ‘executive order’ and if directed to JOHN PATEL, then since we’re dealing with two corporations engaged in commerce, then the order must be a ‘purchase order’.

Kind of takes the sting out of “that’s an order!”

The next question might be, here’s the fee, and pay me first. Or when would you like your order delivered. Or even, sorry I can’t fulfill that order; we’re short-handed back here.

Or maybe it’s the parent corporation, UNITED STATES, directing it’s franchise, JOHN PATEL, to complete a service/order, and contractually the franchise team must complete it. But John of the Patel family is not JOHN PATEL (unless he answers to that name), and John could just say, why is thou giving me the order? Do I work for thee?

But the basic point is that order is likely a purchase order. It’s all business my friend. Get that point, and thou will see the matrix.


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