The legal society – what is your legal name?

I’ve read that there is a group called the Legal Society and we all mistakenly opt in to it. Society means a group and it has fallen out of fashion in conversation. There is the Society of Chemical Engineers, for example.

Which brings me to this question on a form. “What is your legal name?” Well, this is the name used in their legal society.

The correct answer when speaking with authorities in their society, is what makes thou think I’m part of the legal society?

Here’s the form I encountered this a.m. —

Form - What is your legal name?

And the proper way to fill out a legal (society) form is to use ALL CAPS, because the name is the name of a corporation (corpse).

JOHN PATEL for example

We all omit the word ‘society’ when using the word legal, but it’s still implied, to them. The question above is really, “What is your legal (society) name?

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