Arrest warrant for a…ship. All warrants are for ships and their master/mister.

The legal process is all about business and ships, not flesh and blood men and women. Proof of this is shown below in this screenshot of a headline about a ship. There is an arrest warrant for the SHIP. Not for a man.

“A cruise ship had an arrest warrant waiting for it in Miami” (See story)

All arrest warrants are for ships.

Ships are arrested (held) due to warrants. When the authorities say there is an arrest warrant out for a suspect in a crime, what they are really saying, unbeknownst to them, is that there is an arrest warrant for a ship (that does not really exist).

And there is a man who thinks the name of that ship is his name. So when they tell the man they have a warrant for his arrest, he mistakenly pretends to be the master/mister of that ship and agrees to be taken into custody.

So if someone asks about thy name, they are asking for the name of thy ship. Do you have a ship? Are you the master of a ship? (Remember the movie Master and Commander — about the captain of a ship).

Once thou sees the matrix, it all becomes preposterous.

Am I Mr. Stone? Of course I’m not a master of a ship.

Is that my name? Of course I don’t have a ship so I have no idea if that is the name of a ship.

Here’s the story about that ship noted above.

The ship stuck in the panama canal last year was also arrested.

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