Courts are all business – ship’s name, what’s the charge, will you pay?

They say courts are all about business. This has become increasingly clear to me.

The bench, where the judge sits, means bank in possibly latin.

When they ask for your name, they are asking for the name of your ship or business. Ships have names. People are just called John or Sally, etc.

Are you JOHN SMITH? This means is your ship or business JOHN SMITH. The name is in capital letters for a reason – it’s a dead entity, like the capital letters on a tombstone. The name is not dead, but it’s not a living being either. It’s just a corporation.

They are a corporation, and corporations can only sue other corporations.

Then there are charges. What’s a charge? Well, what are your charged for a meal?

Charge is a fee for something. They are charging your corporation for something. Not sure what. But they are charging your corporation. They say, here are the charges….

Then they ask for your plea – Are you guilty or not guilty? It used to be are you guilty or innocent, but now’s guilty or not guilty.

Guilt is another word for gelt, and gelt is money.

“Are you guilty or not guilty?” means are you going to pay the charges or not pay the charges.

Then, I guess, if you say you’re not going to pay, then they have a case to determine if you must pay.

And if they rule you must pay, but you don’t pay, because you don’t realize that it’s a banking transaction, then they put you in a cell, to get the charge out of you, like a battery cell. The higher the charge, the more time to extract charges from you in a cell.

This explanation is not perfect, but it’s what I have now. Hope it helps.

Thou must disagree with the entire proceeding but not admitting to being the name, since thou isn’t anyway.

Thou must say innocent, if forced to give a plea, but even that might be dangerous because it hints that thou is supposed to be there.


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