The banking page about ALL CAPS name is trending. Dear JOHN SMITH…

Our page about banks using the all caps name FIRST LAST is suddenly really popular. About 240 people visited in the past seven days, which is about 900% more than usual.

A typical letter from a bank will have almost everything in upper and lower case, like the words on this page, but the name will be in all caps.

Here are two examples:

“The bank account for JOHN SMITH has been established.”



We are writing today…”

The name is typed in all caps.

I have to say that I really like this topic because whether thou agrees with my interpretation of the meaning of all caps is secondary to my point that it is fundamentally odd that only the name is written in all caps. I like points that show something is odd so that people start to think something is amiss. And something is definitely amiss.

Long story short, the name is capitalized because it’s either the name of a company or the name of a trust (for a dead human). Like the letters on a tombstone, the letters are in all caps because we’re talking about something that is not living. Many people say the name is a trust and all courts (and I assume banks) deal in probate. The courts are actually banks, with the judge sitting on the bench, which is Italian or French for ‘bank’. Oh, and guilty means to pay.

Does thou know why people are suddenly interested in this topic? Please comment below. 

Here’s the banking page that is suddenly popular.

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