It’s a rocket, not a rocket ship. It’s in space, not on the water.

Ships are on the water. The powers that be will do anything to pretend that everything is a maritime operation and therefore under their control. That is why we have ridiculous terms such as rocketship. It’s a rocket, not a ship. There may be people aboard, but it’s still a rocket. Should we refer to planes as a planeship? It looks ridiculous.

Similarly, I read recently, possibly on this site, that we mistakenly use the phrase ‘ship’ when sending something. If I’m sending something by truck or plane, it’s not being shipped because it’s not going on a ship.

In New Jersey, they have towns called townships. What does that mean??? Possibly, a way to pretend the entire town is on a ship. Of course, this is all part of the method of having real world vs a parallel fiction. Real world is that the box is on a truck on a road on land. The fiction is that it’s being shipped. If one does not object to the fiction, then it stands.

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