Baby born or person birthed/berthed?

When a baby is born, something entirely different is also happening, on paper.

The mother (ship), which provides her maiden name, goes to the delivery room (to make a delivery like a courier; turn over legal title) then does some labor (work) and delivers a person (persona) to the doc-tor (boat dock). That’s what is put on paper and everyone signs to confirm. Sure a baby was also born. But legally and on paper, a new ship was berthed and put in use.

And from then one, people mistakenly use the persona, all caps name to identify themselves, thereby sustaining the fiction/paper and making themselves beholden to the legal structure. Legal means the Legal Society, which is a voluntary association that one can avoid.

It’s important to emphasize that babies (real people) are born not birthed/berthed.

Never go to a delivery room.

The important point is that in most situations there are TWO things happening. The real flesh and blood activity and also the fictional commercial paper-based activity.

I used to get upset that they would describe a baby being born as a ship birthed. But now I realize they are just pretending that a persona is birthed. It’s happening in parallel. They are not even talking about the baby! They are talking about the legal actions that everyone is pretending are taking place. Heck, the would try to birth a person without the baby if they could convince people to take on the responsibilities of that person.

When thou is using a car on a road, legally they will try to say that thou is driving (for hire) and have passengers (meaning they paid for the ride). Just keep insisting that thou is NOT driving and NOT acting in a commercial manner.


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