The public means government employees! Is thou a member of the public?

Is thou a member of the public? Don’t answer to fast. Private property is land owned by a private man or woman and it’s specifically not owned by the government. Whereas, public property and public schools and public parks owned by a government. So private means not-government and public means government. It only seems logical then to say that the public, when referencing people, is the people who work for the government. And the government has regulations that ONLY apply to government employees, just like a store has rules that only apply to employees. So, is thou a member of the public? If thou answers ‘yes’, then thou then has to follow all rules of for government employees and these rules may be called statutes. So be careful.

I for one am not a member of the public. I can’t be. I don’t work for my local, state, or the federal government.

In many cases, due to words of art, people inadvertently opt into situations that they don’t want to be in and actually should not be in.


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