France referred to as ‘state’ of EU

Russia Today (see below) referred to France as a ‘state’ of the EU. Eventually, as was done with the USA, people will think France is just a portion of the EU, rather than a nation-state that supersedes the EU.

Clip from Russia Today website: France becomes 1st EU state to trial Covid vaccine certificate for all of Europe

However, the first sentence of the article calls France a country.

France has become the first country in Europe to...

New Jersey is a nation-state. Colorado is a nation-state. A state is the highest political level. But we’re taught that states are subservient to the association of states or union of states. Soon people will think of France as a quaint little state like Vermont.

Then they’ll create the entity “The State of France” as they have done with the “The State of New Jersey” which is not likely the same thing as ‘New Jersey’. Words have meaning. It’s like someone suddenly referring to Microsoft as “The Company Microsoft”. It’s not the same thing.



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