Practice living in the private: My given name is…

In regular conversations, I subtly practice using words and phrases that keep me in the private and not in the public (government sphere or commerce/commercial). I used words that refer to a living man, not a person.

When asked for my “first” and “last” name, I say my given name is _____ and my family name is ______.

When asked, May I have your name? I reply that you may not have my name, but I can tell you my name.

What is my birthdate? Well, I was born on _______. [Ships are birthed/berthed.]

Where do I reside? I live on the land of ________ [name of state].

What is my zip? I don’t have a zip [and it’s not needed for mailing]

Am I a U.S. citizen? I am a citizen of _________ [name of state].

If I really want to get picky, I won’t use the pronoun ‘you’ [because it’s never singular] and instead use ‘thou’.

Is it legal? I don’t know, but it is lawful. [Legal refers to legislation of the legal society]

Am I a member of the public? No I’m private.

What is my name? _____ [given name] of the _______ [family name] [I don’t pair the given with the family name.]

How many persons reside in my household? Not sure. But X people live in my home.

Are you ______? No. Sorry. That’s not my person [persona].

Am I a member of society? Which society? The Legal society? No, I am not. Thanks.

Excuse me, Mr. _____? Please use my given name. Please do not use the title Mr. (or Ms.). [Mister is a military title.]

Are you from the United States? I’m from the United States of America.

From an email:

In a similar manner, I line out “male” on forms and write in “man”.

I also line out “signature” and write in “autograph“.


Please add examples in the comments!



LIVING IN THE PRIVATE (Best on a desktop)



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