Practice living in the private: My given name is…

In regular conversations, I subtly practice using words and phrases that keep me in the private and not in the public (government sphere or commerce/commercial). I used words that refer to a living man, not a person.

When asked for my “first” and “last” name, I say my given name is _____ and my family name is ______.

When asked, May I have your name? I reply that you may not have my name, but I can tell you my name.

What is my birthdate? Well, I was born on _______. [Ships are birthed/berthed.]

Where do I reside? I live on the land of ________ [name of state].

What is my zip? I don’t have a zip [and it’s not needed for mailing]

Am I a U.S. citizen? I am a citizen of _________ [name of state].

If I really want to get picky, I won’t use the pronoun ‘you’ [because it’s never singular] and instead use ‘thou’.

Is it legal? I don’t know, but it is lawful. [Legal refers to legislation of the legal society]

I’m not a driver. I’m a traveler.

I’m not passenger. I’m just sitting here.

This is not a motor vehicle. This is a car.

Am I a member of the public? No I’m private.

Do I live in California? No, I live within California. And without United States.

I have a home, not a residence.

I have land, not property.

I am a man, not a human being. [Human being is a monster according to Law Dictionary.]

Am I a resident of this town? No, I’m an inhabitant. I live here.

Nothing is on ‘my person‘. I don’t have a person. I do have clothes on my body.

What is my name? _____ [given name] of the _______ [family name] [I don’t pair the given with the family name.]

How many persons reside in my household? Not sure. But X people live in my home.

Are you ______? No. Sorry. That’s not my person [persona].

Am I a member of society? Which society? The Legal society? No, I am not. Thanks.

Excuse me, Mr. _____? Please use my given name. Please do not use the title Mr. (or Ms.). [Mister is a military title.]

Are you from the United States? I’m from the United States of America.

From an email:

In a similar manner, I line out “male” on forms and write in “man”.

I also line out “signature” and write in “autograph“.


From Comments on another page:

One can be a sovereign state Citizen and not be a US citizen. However there are two types of citizenship of a state, one is a Citizen of a sovereign union state like California, Nevada, etc. and the other is a citizen of a federal municipality “State” like the State of California, the State of Nevada, etc.

This all could have been avoided by him asking for the cops BOND NUMBER, which would trigger the cop to call in a higher level law enforcement person who would understand the situation.

Never give a full name, only “My friend’s call me ___________.”


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3 comments on “Practice living in the private: My given name is…

  1. I say I was born (not birthed) on the land of North America. Per Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, “country” means “state”, and “state” means a political society. The only political society that I have knowingly consented to join is the Ecclesia of Jesus the Christ. Both “The United States of America” and “United States of America” are unions of states. The language of the organic documents that established these two unions make it clear that they are separate and distinct from each other. It appears from both the post-war Congressional Record and the language of the 14th Amendment that a third union was formed called “United States”, which required a new test oath to join, and which effectively functions as a country (i.e. a political society) populated by federal citizens.

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