Flags mean jurisdiction

Flags mean jurisdiction. A court room is just a room until flag is placed into the room to signify the laws and jurisdiction of the court. Like on the high seas, a flag shows the land from which the boat came and the laws the boat sails under. Notice the flags below and how someone deliberately showed the gold cords for each flag to signify that the governor of the “State of California” is speaking for the military (or possibly corporate) government. Not the civil government of the people. Newsom is part of the State of California (not California) and this state is a federal state and includes (means) the federal land in the (civil) California. He’s only speaking to (federal) United States citizens who happen to be residing on State of California land. He’s not speaking to Californians, who are citizens of California.

It’s just so obvious. The flags are right there for us all to see.

Governor Newsom standing in front of three flags with gold rope extending from top for each one - US, Cali and one other


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