Judges in black robes – death administrators

A few things to keep in mind about the courts.

  • thy name is always in capital letters because they are administering the estate of the dead persona
  • they wear black robes because they are involved in matters of the dead
  • they refer to thee as ‘you’ because thou represents the estate of the dead person
  • the person may be a corporate entity
  • courts issue ‘summons’ because they are inviting the dead

Be who thy is – a living man. Don’t get caught up in the dead.

One last thing, supposedly all courts are probate courts, meaning a court that administrates over a dead ‘person’s’ estate. i don’t know if the below is relevant, but in the movie My Cousin Vinny, the judge exits from a door with the word ‘probate’.

Judge exiting courthouse from door with "Probate" name on it.

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