United Kingdom described as “four countries”

Well someone let this slip past the editors. A CNN headline described the United Kingdom as four countries:

The United Kingdom’s four countries take a divided approach to coronavirus crisis

CNN screenshot showing the headline about the four countries of the UK

I’m waiting for someone to describe the United States of America as a group of 50 countries.

Because each state in the union is a country or one just has to say each is a state, which means the entity is sovereign.

The article starts with, “The UK’s coronavirus crisis has reignited one of the country’s most bitter political debates: Can the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland survive as a union of four nations?”

Then we learn that the UK government has little practical power:

“But before Johnson’s message was even broadcast, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon delivered her own address. In doing so, she revealed the uncomfortable reality that Johnson has little practical power over the people living in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

And the articles hints that the union of four countries may not have a long future.

“While this might give little comfort to those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, who too often feel like an afterthought, it has raised important questions about how much longer the current arrangement can continue — and also how desirable it is. All three devolved administrations have deviated from Westminster in their handling of this crisis, despite the perception that Johnson and Downing Street has been driving the coronavirus response for the entire UK.”

Of course, CNN is upset the UK left the EU, so they want the UK to break up and then have Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland join the EU.

And you know the EU is not a country. But give it time, soon people will treat the EU like a country, as they do mistakenly with the UK and the USofA.


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