Bill Turner Video – Learning Contract

Gifted teacher Bill Turner has posted a new video. I have not watched it yet.

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  1. Review these slides
  2. Read this, 
  3. review this diagram of US vs USofA,
  4. read these six PDFs,
  5. watch Richard McDonald's seminar intro
  6. learn to speak like a simple man
  7. If this site ever goes down, the archive is on the wayback machine.

One comment on “Bill Turner Video – Learning Contract

  1. Great video, and guest. The little bit of blackout around the crime scene was slightly annoying but completely understandable from all sides. I especially liked the ‘ if you can’t beat them, play nice attitude”
    I am not particularly adept at filing forms or computer use, nearing the end of my days, and find it ironic how many need to be filed just to die! I don’t imagine going to court for anything like the days when I was young and stupid, but stupid never dies, and only knowledge can balance the scales.
    I’m interested in the form mentioned about your trust, the PPSI I think it was called. I would like to do that as I am already broke and contributed more than my fair share to the trust, and need to retire medically and am only 63 but haven’t had a vacation in almost 40 years, that didn’t involve my late wife or myself in the hospital. I have died more than once, but the latest one really aged me decades from before the illness, and I don’t want, nor can I afford an attorney , so learning this stuff is important, but also hard due to my conditions, and a strong point of your video was ease of understanding, and I thank you and the guys very much! So far I’ve gotten to live an extra two years, but find it difficult to keep up with everything. I still work graveyard shift, and know why it’s called that! The kicker is if I want to escape my grown kids, I’;ll need the police to do it! They have already burned through my retirement, and their inheritance by freeloading and all have kids or pets that make a shit hole out of my life’s building, and I’ll have to sell it from under them and run! That contract is fulfilled !

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