Is the United Nations a country? Is the EU? How about the USA?

Is the United Nations a country?

Of course not, thou says. It’s an association.

Is the European Union a country?

Nope, is thy response. It’s a union.

Is the United States of America a country?

Wait a moment. The USofA is a union. It’s right there in the name. It’s the United States of America. It’s an association of states.

State is the highest political entity. The Palestinians want a state, not a union.

The USA is more like a homeowner’s association. It’s represents the common interests of the members in certain affairs.

The president of the USA gives an annual State of the Union not a State of the State.

The word ‘country’ may not have any technical weight. Even if one calls the USofA a country, that’s not saying it’s a state.

Give it time and people will start to think the European Union is a state/country. France displays the EU flag and the French flag in classrooms now. Eventually, in my opinion, the French flag will be taken down and the French state which is superior to the EU will eventually be considered inferior. So if thou does not believe me about the USA, let’s see what happens with the EU.

Country could mean ‘out in the country’ or the country versus the city. When one compares a city and a state, we absolutely know that a state is higher political entity.

If the USofA is not a state/country, then who are U.S. Citizens. They are the people living on lands managed by the USofA, such as Guam or Puerto Rico or people born and living in District of Columbia.

People in Texas are Texans or Texas state citizens, people in Iowa are Iowans, and people in Guam are U.S. Citizens.

Who do the federal laws apply to? I would suggest they apply to U.S. Citizens, not Colorodians. If a Coloridian uses cannabis in Colorado, and does not claim to be a U.S. Citizen, then that man or woman is likely unprosecutable. But the U.S. citizen living in Colorado could be prosecuted. Most people think they are U.S. citizens and they get bamboozled into the wrong jurisdiction and courts.

The key takeaway is the federal laws apply to federal business and to federal citizens.

Now this is NOT a radical suggestion. The USofA is a valuable entity and incredibly helpful in international matters and for interstate commerce. It has its uses. But don’t get carried away.

Also, read up on the Northwest Ordinance which, for the first time, placed land northwest of the colonies under the management of the USofA. From it’s inception, the USofA was meant to only manager the affairs of DC, then the northwest land, and the territories.

Next: Their rules don’t apply. Really. 

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