Supreme Court affirms that BOTH states and USA are sovereign, separately

The United States Supreme Court recently affirmed the theory that “federal and state governments are separate constitutional actors with their own sovereign authority,” wrote Robert Barnes for the Washington Post. This involved a case where the court ruled that people can be tried for the same crime by both federal and state governments. A man with a prior conviction was caught possessing a firearm, which is illegal under Alabama state law and also federal law.

Since this happened on Alabama land, I can see how the Alabama government would prosecute the man. However, the man failed to challenge the jurisdiction of the USA. I presume the United States was acting upon the all capital name TERANCE GAMBLE, and the man, Terance of the Gamble family, failed to challenge that. He should have read the Win in Court page.

Justice Ginsburg wrote, “Different parts of the ‘WHOLE’ United States should not be positioned to prosecute a defendant a second time for the same offense.” She is pretending that the USofA is one state/country, whereas it is just a union. The union cannot meddle in the affairs of its constituents.



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