Hungarians built a border fence. Will the Texans?

Despite Hungary being a member-state of the European Union, Hungarians built a high-tech fence along their southern border. Texas is a member-state of The USofA union. Will Texans build a fence or wall along their state’s border? Only if they first realize they have a nation-state.

Perhaps since the EU is relatively new, Hungarians still know they have a nation-state with a border they can enforce and defend. Unfortunately, after decades if not centuries of propaganda, the people of Texas have likely forgotten that Texas is a nation-state, and they don’t realize they can enforce and defend their southern border.

In The USofA’s constitution, Article Four, Section Four, stipulates that the union government shall ‘protect each of them [each state] against invasion.” At the very least this means protecting the state’s border. However, countless videos show people walking right past the Texas state line, day and night.

With the federal union government derelict in its duty, the natives of Texas, called Texans, could act in concert with the federal government or even take over the responsibility they delegated to the federal government and defend their southern border, and even the east, west, and northern borders if necessary.

My point is that Texas is a nation-state and it can and should defend its borders. The USofA is not a nation-state, and Texas is not a subdivision or county within The USofA. Want proof? It’s called The United States of America, not The United Counties of America. The USofA is a federation of states.

Texans should still welcome people into their state in an organized manner but they need not take in everyone sent by the federal government. If the federal government, which specifically manages the territories and federal land, wants to give asylum seekers a court date three years into the future, those asylum seekers possibly should live on federal land, such as Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands, unless the people of the states allow them in.

The asylum seekers are not federal citizens or green card holders. It is up to the natives of the states to decide who may live on their state’s land.

A state wall may in fact rise on private land owned by Texans due to the work of some of the enlightened people. Having lost patience with the USofA federation/federal government, they are not even going to wait for their (nation) state governor to act. As many courts have ruled, sovereignty comes from and remains with the people. Even the federal constitution says in the 10th Amendment that all power is reserved to the states or the people.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The “people” refers to thee, dear reader. Thou need not be elected to state office to be a people and to act. Was thou born on Texan land and were thy mom and dad Texans? Yes? Then start digging holes for that southern fence.

Please let in people seeking a better life and who seem trustworthy. One sign of trustworthiness is someone who arrives during the day and comes to an entrance in the fence.

If the natives of Texas built a fence, they not only would secure their nation-state’s border, as the Hungarians have done, they would emphasize to all the people of the 50 united States and the world that Texas is in fact a nation-state with its own international borders.

Want to enter Texas? Ask the Texans.


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