Banks always capitalize the name! Dear FIRST LAST,

In most bank correspondence, the name on the account is capitalized. A letter may say, “Dear FIRST LAST, We are writing….” All the other words in the email, letter, or even the email subject line will be lower-case, but the name is typed in capital letters. The words are capitalized because banks treat it as an account for a business, as capital, hence it gets capital letters. Or some might say the company is not living, therefore, like the name on a tombstone, it is written in all caps.

A recent email from my bank begins as follows:


Thanks for enrolling in automatic payments for your CREDIT CARD…

The name is capitalized because it is not the name of a living man or woman, but instead the name of the company or corporation that holds the account. When we are born, someone creates a company name using our given name (first name) joined with our family name (last name) to get the combined FIRST LAST.

John of the Doe family is born, then they (whoever they are) create JOHN DOE trust or company. John, the man, opens an account at a bank that is really an account for the company, JOHN DOE, which someone else owns.

John, the man, is merely the authorized agent for the account. The signature line on bank checks is actually micro-print stating AUTHORIZED AGENT AUTHORIZED AGENT etc. (see here and here).

Look at all of thy bank correspondence and notice that the ‘name’ is always in capital letters. It’s so unmistakably odd and jolting that I had to write this blog post.

Another recent correspondence is as follows:


A payment from JANE ROE in the amount of…

The labels FIRST name and LAST name are part of the problem. I have a given name, not a first name. I have a family name, not a last name.

Here is a letter I found on the web:

Bank letter showing the opening of "Dear all caps name" the name is printed in all capital letters

What’s the solution?

  • At the very least, control the signature on the account by signing as the man or woman.
  • I might also open an account without a social security number, which is supposed to be simply a social insurance program, and if it’s more than that, someone committed fraud, and the contract is therefore void.
  • Maybe we need to open our own vaults and use gold along with an online system to transfer funds to each other’s accounts

Note, this post is written without prejudice.
All rights reserved.
Without the United States.

This is not legal advice. These are my private research notes.

From Yusuf El

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8 comments on “Banks always capitalize the name! Dear FIRST LAST,

  1. I am not smart enough to see any problem with the banks doing this, if there are issues for the commoner would someone dumb down the explanation please. I read on social media somewhere this was a problem, so I searched and came to this page.

  2. The StrawMan, it’s how THEY distance you from your fiat so-called money.
    Perhaps people are coming to this page because they FEEL that somehow their susceptablity to a mandated vaccine has to do with said StrawMan (all caps name). Get out from under that, proclaim your ‘given’ and ‘family’ name and perhaps THEY won’t be able to mandate that fraudulent so-called vaccine for you! Of course it would be at least doubly powerful if you were a state Citizen and NOT a U.S. citizen right?

  3. one might want to look up how to sign your name without liability, watch some david wynne miller vids
    on this matter but i use ALL LOWER CASE LETTERS, NO UPPER CASE LETTERS. also use hyphens and colons between the first and middle and last name, i also did a denial of status stating i was a living being and the ALL CAP FICTIONAL LEGAL PERSON was a body corporate in maritime admiralty as a transmitting device for my benefit to access corporate services. also, look up SPECIAL DEPOSIT for putting your credits into a bank. also, you are not a citizen of any state or government and if you say you are you are a fiction, you are the authorized reperesentative of the LEGAL PERSON which is you way of getting things done in maritime admiralty which is how the system was set up and is the proper way of doing things but we have never been taught how to operate properly and the dark ones hijacked the system for their own selfish puposes. when one understands that everything including your body, is nothing more than energy in motion and you are nothing but molcules in motion, no one can own anything because it is all part of the SOURCE which is energy in form. governments are nothing more than trustees and service corporations that have been taken over by the dark scum for their benefits to steal from people. also look into how ETS are the real cause of the problems here, that was the hidden message in AVATAR

  4. Texas sos web site say all corporations names are required to be written in capital They may have changed by ever time they get caught in their fraud they change it

  5. My name on bank statements are all capps, should I worry? Or do something to change this? It is a Credit Union. Confused?!@$&(&^#%&

  6. I am not a corporation! I want my name to start with capital and the rest in lower case! What form do I need to ask for to change it? Did that today and the girl thought I was crazy.

  7. “but the name is typed in capital letters. The words are capitalized because banks treat it as an account for a business, as capital, hence it gets capital letters.”

    These letters were first called “capital” letters 600-700 years ago because they usually began at the start or head of a sentence. Hence “capita” Latin for head, capital. This has nothing do do with financial capital. Jesus, this is a childlike understanding of law. Embarrassing site all around.

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