The book, U.S. of A. v U.S.: The Loss of Legal Memory of the American State

USofA v US Book Cover[Update: I bought this book and find it helpful but difficult to read. I will keep reading this it, since I respect the man who recommended the book.]

The manager of highly recommends this book:

U.S. of A. v U.S.
The Loss of Legal Memory of the American State
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He said “the book USA vs. US is a ‘must-read book’ [though] what I am doing is a little bit different.” He mentions the book in his interviews on Shell Games [I highly recommend]. Here is the Website by the publisher (with defunct members area).

From the Book’s Back Cover

The People of this once great republic have through ignorance and deception traded their sacred God-given rights away by silent assent, waiver, agreement or contract. The legal concepts of political relations, conditions precedent and contract law are exposed in relation to Executive, Legislative as well as Supreme Court usurpations. The authors of this groundbreaking book expose down to the very core, the political exigencies, the legal meandering as well as the outright corruption of our political and legal systems as they have been used to create a legislative democracy where a Republic once stood.

Contrary to the beliefs of many in the patriot community, the real blame for this current situation rests with the People, and consequently; the solution also rests with the People individually. Contained within the covers of this book is a treatise on the political and legal history of deceit, Constitutional reinterpretation and utter socialism that has been silently assented to by the people. The authors also plainly describe to the reader the simple yet elegant solution to reclaiming one’s lost rights through the reassertion of one’s status as a Citizen of one of the Several States of the Union and by severing legal relations with the United States which is revealed in this book as a federal corporation.

Whatever your political affiliation or philosophical proclivities, this book is intended to provide a foundational basis for a new understanding of the reader’s political and legal relations with the “Government of the United States”. These relations have a very profound effect on one’s rights, claims to property, and every aspect of one’s day to day life, even if those relations are politically and legally established through silent assent, waiver, contracts or agreements the reader is completely unaware of.

The State Constitutions, as well as the Constitution for the United States of America (1789) have been allowed to be removed from the “legal memory” of the people as those very same people have become United States citizens, devoid of the rights, privileges and immunities referenced in the Bill of Rights and in place been granted civil rights. Most Americans alive today are proud to be referred to as United States citizens. If those same Americans were aware of what the courts had to say about the rights of United States Citizens, they might reconsider their thinking on the matter. Here is what one Court had to say:

“The only absolute and unqualified right of a United States citizen is to residence within the territorial boundaries of the United States,” US vs. Valentine 288 F. Supp. 957

What else might you need to know about the difference between the United States of America and the United States? What you don’t know can cost you your life, liberty and property. If one reads this book, the authors believe, that every citizen, whether of the United States or one of the Several States of the Union, will have the understanding to make a conscious decision on whether legal relations with the United States is an appropriate choice.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: In the Beginning: The Sovereign People
Chapter 2: Some Historical Perspective: Wilson to Roosevelt’s New Deal
Chapter 3: Switch in Time and the War in the Supreme Court. What a Difference a Year Makes!
Chapter 4: Switch in Time and the War in the Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court Defines Controversies Under the Constitution
Chapter 5: Switch in Time and the War in the Supreme Court. Re: “Controversies”, A Legislatively Created Procedure
Chapter 6: Switch in Time and the War in the Supreme Court. The Court’s new interpretation of Due Process
Chapter 7: Switch in Time and the War in the Supreme Court. The Changed Constitutional Interpretation of “Commerce” in 1937
Chapter 8: The Sovereign People as Citizens and Their Old Union
Chapter 9: Federal Citizenship Defined for “All Persons”
Chapter 10: The United States, a Federal Corporation and Dual Citizenship
Chapter 11: Dual Citizenship and Political Question
Chapter 12: Some Thoughts on Agreements and Contracts in Relation to the U.S. Community
Chapter 13: American Citizens in Relation to “Foreign States”
Chapter 14: In Conclusion
The Social Security Act of 1935
Ashwander, et. al. v Tennessee Valley Authority, et. al.
Aetna Life Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn. V Haworth, et. al.
West Coast Hotel Co. v Parrish et. ux.
Nat’l Labor Relations Board v Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp.
Chas. C Steward Mach Co. v Davis
Helvering, Commissioner of Internal Revenue, et. al. v Davis

From The Book’s Website:

From the Publisher: Notice to Readers & Site Members

The authors hope that by reading the present and future publications of HKW Publishing and visiting the web site the reader and user will be better able to make more informed political and legal choices. In particular, the reader and user may, by taking specific actions (conduct) self-implement a change in presumed political and resulting legal relations. The authors argue that, today, the principle avenue by which political presumptions drastically impact American lives is the presumption that each person has voluntarily elected the federal citizenship built into the purported Amendment 14.

“All persons born or naturalized… are citizens of the United States…” Today, an equally damaging presumption is that each such person had also voluntarily politically accepted an exclusive federal citizenship to the exclusion of that person’s State Citizenship.

Why is this presumed federal political status-federal citizenship so damaging?

The constitutionally secured Rights, Privileges and Immunities of the Constitution of the United States of America are not available to federal citizens. In contrast, federal citizens have the “privileges and immunities” of State Citizens and protection against specific State deprivations. This form of federal protection is addressed to and is made incumbent upon the body politic and body corporate of, for example, the State of Oregon, the State of North Carolina, and the State of Virginia. This form of federal protection is not incumbent upon the person of State Citizens.

In the purported Amendment 14, no mention is made in relation to the general Constitution of secured Rights, Privileges and Immunities or the Bill of Rights. Today, given the self-applied effects of the Social Security Act, federal citizens appear to owe permanent allegiance to the United States. See 8 USCA, Section 1101 (a)(22), and 28 USC 3002 (15)-(A),(B),(C). These presumptions of political federal relations preclude specific protections normally afforded State Citizens.

It would seem more fair and just if more people had knowledge and information to make a better-informed decision with respect to political and resulting legal relations. These types of decisions fly in the political face of the “New Deal.” In particular, the authors believe Society in general would be improved if the political and resulting legal deceit and foolery, now massively effective, were diminished in effectiveness. Many people believe “something is wrong” or “out of whack.” There may be those persons who self-determine to do something positive about what is wrong with the current states of affairs and improve what is very right with America. Our system of Laws, based upon our organic Constitutions, is the best by far that the world has ever witnessed. The authors believe that it is past time for people in person to revisit and self-implement the rule of Law. The “Composite State,” with all of its evils and excesses including the dislocation of people, goods and resources, cannot readily exist in the face of The Law. The authors are dedicated to assist people in political self-determination and self-help. Particularly, we hope that people will be better able to clearly and concisely articulate with proper words upon specific documents their true political will and deeply desired resulting legal relations.

The authors and HKW Publishing, as the progenitors of this website and the book USofAvuS, are dedicated to helping our readers not just read a book and create documents, but to truly grasp the underlying political and legal issues that envelop the United States and the presumed status of being a U.S. citizen. No piece of paper alone can make you into something that you are not in mind and spirit at one with. Our readers, as early pioneers in the 21st century resettlement of the Several States of the American union must be completely competent. The information found in USofAvUS and the information provided on the web site hopefully will be of benefit to the reader.

As a result of feedback and observations from the web site forums and phone calls with readers, several steps have been developed to attempt to assist the reader’s paradigm shift in awareness concerning political and resulting legal relations. You are invited to take the preliminary “quiz” of twenty questions. Upon successfully mastering that learning aid, we invite you to read a compact study guide for, and a book written by, a Yale Law Processor. Once you have read that short book and reviewed the study guide, you will have an opportunity to increase your knowledge by taking an open book fifty question test. Your successful acquisition of politically based knowledge should place you in good stead as you go on to construct politically based documents. Undoubtedly you will self-determine significant changes in resulting legal relations.

The authors strongly caution the reader to understand that any self-prepared documents do not automatically change political and resulting legal relations. Only one’s self-use of the knowledge, understanding and mastery of the political and legal concepts introduced in USofAvUS can actually effect a change in one’s orientation with respect to political status and legal relations.

No earthly entity or person grants you Sovereignty. You must conduct your person in that role.

So while some of you may be in a rush to “git ‘er done,” it is paramount that to avoid “arrows in the back” as an early pioneer crossing into the 21st century political frontier of exclusive State Citizenship, the information provided in the book and on this web site must be deeply engrained in one’s conscious will so that actually living and conducting oneself as a State Citizen is as natural as breathing. We wish you well on your journey of self-education and political self-determination.

Proceed to the Preliminary Test (this link does not work!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does your book differ from other books on this subject?
A. The fact is there are no other books on this subject. The authors saw a need to communicate the truth to the American people with respect to how our Nation was taken and what role and responsibility the people had in that transformation.

Q. Does your book contain the process to become free from the U.S. citizen trap?
A. The book is not about a process or what paperwork to file. The book is intended to teach the reader what he needs to know about the political question of status, and how the Courts take silence as admitting to the presumption of one’s status as a U.S. citizen. This web site will provide additional information about making a political election with respect to one’s political status after demonstrating a minimum level of knowledge of the material provided in the book.

About the Authors

The authors, Richard Kegley, TJ Henderson and Ed Wahler are uniquely qualified to present this material.

Richard received a B.S. in Business Administration from Walla Walla College in 1968, an M.S. in Business Administration from University of Idaho in 1970, and a Masters Degree in Economics from Washington State in 1974. He spent 8 years teaching college level economics and business courses. The last nine years have been spent in voluminous reading in economics, law, case law and limited private writing and teaching.

TJ received his education in law from the school of self study and long hours studying every law book he could lay his hands on. TJ has had numerous wins in the courts in various areas of law, as well as a few rare losses. He claims that each and every case he has handled was an inspiration that drove him to study the law to the fullest extent. TJ won his very first argument arguing the right to non-bar counsel in Judge Ron Rainer’s court in Stevenson, Washington. He is currently teaching and counseling attorneys nation wide in the area of consumer protection law. TJ also writes and teaches Constitutional law in its purest form. TJ has written several books discussing those areas of law, such as “You’re an Outlaw”, “Secrets of the Lending Institutions Revealed” and “Mortgage Audit Analyses and Defenses” (MAAD).

Ed founded his own company in 1984, which he ran as President and CEO until 1998. The last eight years have been spent full-time researching law and law history, alternative energy and alternative approaches to maintaining one’s health. His association with Richard and TJ has culminated in the book U.S. of A. v U.S., The Loss of Legal Memory of the American State. He has put the principle in this book into practice over the year with amazing results in regaining lost freedoms.

The authors pray that this book will be accepted as our small contribution to the memory of the founding fathers and their gift to us, their posterity, of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

 Amazon Reader Reviews

“The typical Citizen of the UNITED STATES has indeed become shamefully ignorant. The so-called, “New Deal,” by Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) covered up the great American Union of the several States, united, with a Legislative Democracy. That’s a mixing of Socialism and Communism all under the guise of Democracy for those that are unstudied, and have absolutely no understanding of America’s most recent history.

Make no mistake about this folks, everything FDR did undermined the Republic given to the American people by the Fore Fathers. Why do you think the first seven words of his first inaugural address was, “This is a day of national consecration.” Those words should flag not only the so-called citizen of the United States today, but should have sparked shouts of treason and outrage for daring to do what he did do. FDR was Social-Communist! So then, knowingly and/or unknowingly it does not matter what his reason(s) were for doing what he did, because it was nothing short of outright betrayal. But, that betrayal would have not been possible if the American people had NOT gone to sleep and become stupid about what they inherited from the Foundation and Founding of the great American Republic.

So then, the American people, by their own willful ignorance-of-slumber, which they still suffer from even today, and is worse than ever, is in fact the very cause of these Social-Communist being allowed to undermine and take into captivity the great American Republic. Don’t blame anyone else but yourself, because ultimately, you are responsible for yourself; therefore, to be self-educating as well as self-governing. Nonetheless, you surrender that God-given gift for nothing, just as everyone else has, Esau. Did you really think that you received a good education in a PUBLIC SCHOOL did you? Don’t be so benighted! You did not! You were indoctrinated in the frivolous, and proceeded to back folly up without ever questioning were you told the truth.

The problem is the people do not want to learn how to peacefully correct that very stupid mistake. Guess what?! This book is a good starting point for learning what one needs to do to correct that mistake, but it does not have all of the answers, information and needed knowledge of not only the subject matter at hand, but especially of the self-discovery that is necessary to know IF one is going to properly correct the original mistake that got them into this mess in the first place.

One also needs to know and understand the difference between Public and Private, between property and things, between Law that is absent of Equity, and Equity in its pure form, between statutory trust, which is PUBLIC, and a private express trust which is not PUBLIC, as well as, and especially the connection between these two types of Trusts and the two main covenants in the Bible, the Old and New. (Yes! There is a ginormous connection to the Bible for HOW one liberates themselves from being the slave of another man)

One also needs to learn and know the difference between the commercial statutory world of the dead administrated under the Law of the Sea, and the Law of the Air of the highest laws that can only be found and recognized in a Chancery Court of Equity. In addition, one also needs to know and understand what happened to them the day that they were born, because that is where the first mistake was made. Yes, one does need to reverse engineer everything that happened legally speaking concerning the day they were born. Fortunately, a mistake can be corrected AT ANY TIME!

I highly recommend the reading of this book by all citizens of not only the United States, but of all other western nations as well, because so much is connected to what was established with the great American Republic.

Nevertheless, as I said, this is only a starting point. So, do not think that if you read this book that you will be ready to redefine your relationship with government and the public after reading this book. There is much more to learn and study, before you will be ready to do that. And, not to scare you, but to be very honest and strait forward, for most of you, it will take 5 to 10 years, and some even more, to UNLEARN what you have learned, and then to learn how to study and research what you do need to learn, and then make the changes necessary to correct the mistake that is the first mistake that deemed you to be a mere 2nd class citizen of the United States under the 14th amendment codicil of the Constitution OF the United States AS Constitutor and Surety of their debts.”

Another review:

“If you are as clueless as I was about the difference between the dejure united States of America, and the defacto UNITED STATES that has overtaken our American society, this book will clear things up. I also recommend reading The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by Griffin, G Edward, Klimon, Peter and Taylor, Carleen (Jul 4, 1994) and Constitutional Money: A Review of the Supreme Court’s Monetary Decisions by Timberlake, Richard H. (Feb 14, 2013). These texts are used in my podcast Spirit of 76 Remedy with DoctorObvious that can be heard on iTunes podcasts and at blogtalkradio website. The civics class you never was allowed to have, and more!”

Another review:

“U.S. of A. v. U.S. The loss of Legal Memory of the American State” is a powerful work that provides the reader with an understanding of the legal structure that has been erected in the land to enslave a once free people. The book illustrates how the corporation called the “United States” is being confused in the mind of these people with the united states of America. What is the difference? The united states of America is the 50 states united where the “United States” in a geographic sense is Washington D.C. and other Federal Enclaves. The Congress is the general government in the “United States” and as such it can implement whatever laws it sees fit to. The united states of America or as I like to call it “the states united” is the 50 states of the union, which have a totally different relationship to the “United States”.

The states created the Federal Government with the Constitution of 1789. The “United States” was incorporated in 1871 and this corporation adopted a constitution also. According to the authors, people presume that they are obligated for liabilities that they are not. For example, people contract with the “United States” through applications; for example, applying for a social security number. The social security number is really an individual’s tax id number. The courts have ruled that social security is a tax plain and simple. Recently, the Federal Supreme ruled that Obamacare was constitutional as a tax.
The book discusses the difference between an inhabitant of one of the 50 states and an U.S. Citizen (14th Amendment citizen). The former has inalienable rights, where the later has privileges and immunities.
A privilege can be taxed or taken away because it is granted by the sovereign. This is a small taste of the subject the authors discuss. Be sure to shop around for this item as the price of the book a some retailers is heavily marked up.”

This content comes from the publisher of U.S. of A. vs U.S.

Woe Unto You Lawyers! Study Guide

Congratulations! You have taken the first step on your educational “yellow brick road.” Please get ready for the next leg of the journey.

In 1939, just after the “Switch in Time” of 1937, Fred Rodell, a 32-year-old full professor of law at Yale Law School released “Woe Unto You, Lawyers!”. Fred Rodell began his preface “No lawyer will like this book, it isn’t written for lawyers, it is written for the average man.” Well, that was in 1939; the average man today doesn’t know or care about Fred Rodell’s book, let alone understand its contents.

You, as the reader of U.S. of A. v U.S., may be well served to consider Mr. Rodell’s thoughts in respect to that particular time, 1939. This book may be of help in enlarging your self-acquired store of knowledge. Your self-acquired knowledge and understanding may be an excellent basis to support the next part of your education. The 50 questions asked in the next open book self-examination have been constructed so as to assist you in developing further understanding of the nature and uses of politically based documents you may construct. These political documents should assist in your changed self-determined political status and resulting legal relations.

The following points should be kept in mind as you carefully read Mr. Rodell’s work. These points should be seen as giving you a flavor of the overall concepts Mr. Rodell has placed before the reader. The points that follow are in sequential order in relation to the text of the book.

First point, when you first read this quote:
“When I was mulling over the notion of writing this book, I outlined my ideas about the book, and about the law, to a lawyer who is not only able but also extraordinarily frank and perceptive about his profession. ‘Sure,’ he said, ‘but why give the show away?’ That clinched it.” F.R.

Ask yourself this question: “What is the nature of the show?” that Mr. Rodell had been accused of giving away?

The second point is:
“It is the lawyers who run our civilization for us — our governments, our business, our private lives. Most legislators are lawyers; they make our laws. Most presidents, governors, commissioners, along with their advisers and brain-trusters are lawyers; they administer our laws. All the judges are lawyers; they interpret and enforce our laws. There is no separation of powers where the lawyers are concerned. There is only a concentration of all government power — in the lawyers. As the schoolboy put it, ours is “a government of lawyers, not of men.”

The third point:
“Who is the ‘They’ that shut their eyes and leave to the lawyers the running of a large part of their lives.” If this “shut their eyes” were a fact, could lawyers appear to completely alter the political situation of a Republic and attempt to establish a legislative democracy?

Point four:
What are the “several reasons” offered by Mr. Rodell for this mass submission? Hint: We are still in Chapter One.

Point five:
After reading Mr. Rodell’s “Woe Unto You, Lawyers!” can you articulate the meaning of his statement “Briefly, The Law is carried on in a foreign language.” and “Much of the language of the law is built out of perfectly respectable English words which have been given a queer and different and exclusively legal meaning.” Here the reader would be well served to consider how the reader uses a word in contrast to how a lawyer uses the same spelled word. This concept could be of significant benefit if the reader chooses to construct political documents that may be read by lawyers. The reader will note USofAvUS specially considers this point at some depth.

Point Six:
As you read “Woe Unto You, Lawyers!” consider:
“For the lawyers’ trade is a trade built entirely on words. And so long as the lawyers carefully keep to themselves the key to what those words mean, the only way the average man can find out what is going on is to become a lawyer, or at least to study law, himself.”

You may want to read the above quote again. The burden of understanding the political and legal meaning of words is squarely upon the reader.

Point seven:
How does a lawyer think in relation to how a non-lawyer thinks?
“The reason a non-lawyer gets lost in The Law is that his mind has not been trained to think logically about abstractions, whereas the lawyer’s mind has been so trained. Hence the lawyer can leap lightly and logically from one abstraction to another, or narrow down a general proposition to apply to a particular case, with an agility that leaves the non-lawyer bewildered and behind. It is a pretty little picture.”

To The Law, time, place, space and plane are important concepts.

Point eight:
“The legal trade, in short, is nothing but a high-class racket.” Why? Mr. Rodell offers the following as a partial answer:
“And so, for that matter, are all the Corcorans and Cohens and Thurman Arnolds and the rest, whose chief value to the New Deal lies not in their political views nor even in their administrative ability but rather in their adeptness at manipulating the words of The Law so as to make things sound perfectly proper which other lawyers maintain, by manipulating different words in a different way, are terribly improper. The legal racket knows no political or social limitations.”

In Mr. Rodell’s words, please remember, reader: “The legal racket knows no political or social limitations.” It is up to you and only you, the reader, to alter the presumed political and social limitations present today.

Point nine:
“You can change the laws all you please, but you can’t change The Law. And The Law is what counts.”

Point ten:
How can you, the reader, gain better control over the law that may apply to your person?

  • Chapter 2: “To the lawyer, there is a vast difference between The Law and the laws.” “The Law” is the device based upon political presumptions that is used to control your legal person.
  • “Whereas no non-lawyer cares in the slightest degree what The Law is until it comes down to applying The Law to a specific dispute.”
  • Now the reader ought to carefully read Chapter 3, “The Way It Works.”
  • Chapter 7: “The crux of the whole matter lies in the choice of which button or buttons to push, which principle or principles or concepts to follow.”
  • Who controls the choice mentioned above? The choice depends on who establishes the essential facts to fit the desired principle. Which are the desired principles that one might want to apply? The answer is seen by understanding that principles apply to agreements.
  • Chapter 7: “At any rate, every legal agreement is drawn up in contemplation of a court fight.”
  • Chapter 9: What The Law’s apprentices rarely learn and are rarely given half a chance to find out is that the whole of The Law is nothing but a technique to be mastered, an adroitness to be achieved. That technique, reduced to its simplest terms, is the technique of using a new language.
  • Chapter 10: How do the professionals sell the law?
    “How, then, is The Law bought? How is it regularly turned to the account of those men and those companies who have money enough to pay what is costs? The Law is bought, to put the answer bluntly and briefly right at the start, by hiring the services and the advice of the smartest lawyers, of the professional soothsayers who are most adept at manipulating the principles of which The Law is made. It is bought by paying a premium, in court and out of court, to the twentieth century medicine men who can best cast spells of legal language to protect and defend the personal and financial interests of those who would be hard put to protect and defend such interests in terms of justice, undiluted by Law.”
  • Chapter 10: How does the smart person with sense enough to understand that he does not know the law gain an advantage?”For the other fellow — the company or the individual with money enough to afford it — has been canny enough to buy The Law in advance.”
    “The Law is usually weighted to one side from the very beginning. It is weighted by lining up beforehand, in the written terms of the transaction, the legal language that will fit right into legal principles in any lawsuit that might later arise out of the transaction.”
  • Chapter 11: “Let’s lay down the Law.” “It is never easy to tear down a widely and deeply accepted set of superstitions about the management of men’s affairs. But it is always worth trying. And, given enough support, the effort will always succeed. You can fool some of the people all the time, etc. The difficulty lies only in convincing enough people that they are being fooled.” However, a careful reading of USofAvUS will allow the reader to more easily self-educate so as to reduce the likelihood of political and legal foolery.

That leaves the question of fear and ignorance.

“If only the average man could be led to see and know the cold truth about the lawyers and their Law. With the ignorance would go the fear. With the fear would go the respect. Then indeed — and doubtless in orderly fashion too — it would be: Woe Unto You, Lawyers!”

The astute reader may want to review portions of USofAvUS before attempting the open book test questions that follow, or not. The questions are designed to assist your self-education as you may elect to establish political documents in relation to a most important political transaction, your status. Any resulting change in legal relation is the burden of the reader.

Right-click on one of the links below and choose “Save target as…”

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