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I highly recommend the six white papers available at The author helps explain the presence of two different governments, one for the union of 50 united states (plural) and the other for the territories managed by the government of the United States (singular).

This has been brought up before in the 2nd paper from NoThanksIRS (in his 2nd paper; available upon request from him) and also from Roger Sayles (The country has parallel governments). These six papers and diagram from provide more details, emphatically.

Also there is a clear expose of the driver’s license scam that is only for resident (aliens). The corporate states may be leaving off the word ‘alien’ when they use the word ‘resident’. Basically a native born citizen may use the roads to travel, while a resident alien needs permission. Is thou an alien in one’s own state?

Here’s an excerpt from the home page:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in his 1935 State of the Union speech, described the “New Deal” as “to substitute the appearance of reality for reality itself.”

This is a sleight-of-hand trick! It’s a double-bag move! Parse this statement out . . . .

The New Deal … substituted (i.e. REPLACED) … reality (i.e., the REPUBLIC) … with some mere appearance of a Republic.

The Republic … was replaced … by something else; by some NEW Deal, that merely LOOKED LIKE the Republic, BUT WAS NOT the Republic!

SO WHAT WAS IT? How was the New Deal implemented? It was not just a few legislative acts and some work programs that came and went, back in the 1930’s. This “substitution” is still with us today (!), and is at the root of what is wrong with our country today. (Can you name even one way that the New Deal affects your life today ??? The New Deal is essentially hidden from you (by deception (a.k.a. fraud)), because you would certainly rebel against it if you knew about it.) (☺ And thus, most of the people are fooled all of the time!)

BIG HINT: Today some 300 million Americans, one by one, but en masse, have:

  • abandoned their individual sovereign character,
  • abandoned their native born Citizenship,
  • abandoned their native born State,
  • abandoned ALL of their constitutional protections, State and National, and
  • contracted to waive ALL of their unalienable Rights.


As a result, they are now treated as foreigners in their own country! See White Papers 1 through 6


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