Revenue with a hyphen to be ‘re-venue’ and similar to ‘re-move’

The word ‘revenue’ may have originally had a hyphen, as in ‘re-venue’. The word venue may always mean the place for a trial. Adding ‘re’ in front of a word means to do it again, as in ‘redo’. Therefore ‘re-venue’ means to change the venue. Then Internal Revenue Service may provide the service of changing the venue (internally?).

In Bouvier’s law dictionary, for the definition of ‘state’ there is the following reference to the Constitution for The United States of America:

  1. Art. 1, s. 9, §5. No tax or duty shall be laid on articles exported from any state. No preference shall be given by any regulation of commerce or re-venue to the ports of one state over those of another, nor shall vessels bound to or from one state be obliged to enter, clear, or pay duties in another.

The hyphen in ‘re-venue’ emphasizes the verb is ‘venue’ and it is being done again, as in ‘re-do’. It means to change the venue or move to a new venue.

The word ‘remove’ is similar. We think it means to delete but it used to mean or still does mean, in a legal setting, to move again. Ben Franklin wrote an essay entitled, Information to Those Who Would Remove to America.

The phrase ‘change of venue’ is, per Wikipedia, a ‘legal term for moving a trial to a new location.’ Perhaps in the definition above, it could be read that no preference shall be given by any regulation of commerce or trial venue change to the ports of one state over those of another.

The same Wikipedia entry states, “In law, the word venue designates the location where a trial will be held. It derives from the Latin word for “a place where people gather.” Per Bouvier’s Law, venue “is the county from which the jury are to come, who are to try the issue.” I’m convinced venue means the legal venue.

Internal Revenue Service would then seem to be a service that moves the venue.

For language, I always imagine a hyphen in words that start with ‘re’.

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One comment on “Revenue with a hyphen to be ‘re-venue’ and similar to ‘re-move’

  1. This is interesting, the only problem I have with it is that the word(s) Re/Res/Rem are all of Latin origin meaning THING. Documents filed into court will usually be filed “IN RE” or “IN REM”; “in” in Latin means Against; thus “In Re” means AGAINST (the) THING.
    This is why “Re-Present” means Thing Present. It is a Trustee in or Interface Piece/Transmitting Utility, like a Game Piece in Monopoly. Before there can be a Re-Presentation, there must FIRST be a Presentation, someone must first ask “Do you want to play a game?” before the game can begin, and thus the option to either Accept or Decline the Offer in “published”, thus making it “public”. And thus it Requires the Act of the Executor or Creditor Accepting the Offering to Engage, aka “Play a game” (in this example), for business to begin. Once the Presentment (meeting of the minds) has established the Contract (the “rules of the game” are the Stipulations of the Contract that determine what is “legal” to do WITHIN the Interfacing Realm or Venue of the GAME, aka “the game board”. THEN the RE-Presentation happens when the Player/Creditor/Executor/Master picks out their Trustee/Servant/Slave/Game Piece/Transmitting Utility/”Sacrificial lamb” that will do all the carrying-out of the Master/Player’s business and Commands and Take the Hits when there are Penalties to be Paid. The game piece is a THING, it CANNOT think, move, respond, only do as the Master/Player commands and MAKES iot do, because only the Master/Creditor has the Value of Work or Performance, the Ability to MAKE things HAPPEN, thus creating Value. The Trustee is but the Interface and MUST do as it is told or it is in BREACH of TRUAT and BREACH OF TRUST is the MOST HEINOUS CRIME you can commit in Trust Law, so THAT IS NOT ALLOWED. The Game Piece MUST do as it is commanded. So, when the Game Piece lands on “Go to Jail”, who goes to jail? You? Or the Game Piece?!! The Game Piece!!! Now, WHY would ANYONE in their RIGHT MOND want to go into “court” and “Re=Present themselves” and MAKE THEMSELVES the TRUSTEE and ABANDON THEIR STATION as the EXECUTOR?!! THAT is how the Clerk is then able to appoint the Administrator sitting on the Bench/Bank to become the Administrator of YOUR Estate/Trust because YOU ABANDONED the Station and there MUST be someone in control of the Trust/Estate in order to Conclude the Business. THIS is why it is said “A man who Represents himself has a fool for a client.” YES!!! If you go and MAKE yourself the RE, the THING, the TRUSTEE, YOU’RE going to JAIL!!! Why? Because YOU are not QUALIFIED to be a TRUSTEE in THEIR “court”/Corporate Venues, YOU are in BREACH of the TRUST when you “RE-Present” yourself and go and “APPEAR”!!! Like you’re some magician!!! Can you DISAPPEAR?!!! if not, then HOW CAN YOU APPEAR?!!! Appearances are done by FICTIONS!!!! There is a LOT more that can be said about a LOT of points simply stated herein, this little writing is be no means close to being informatively filled out!

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