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Learning about the federal income tax is an important part of learning about the basic setup of the United States of America. Listen to an interview with David Williams, who provides consulting services for people wanting to know if their earnings were income or wages. Did thou catch that? Earnings might not be income or wages. That’s because wages has two special definitions in Title 26 of the US Code.

Similarly, is Alaska a state? The word ‘state’ is defined in the U.S. Code, and David explains that when a word is defined, thou can be confident the meaning is not the same as the commonplace meaning. In the U.S. Code, within Title 26 (for the whole title or some sub-chapters – I don’t recall), ‘state’ means a federal territory such as Guam.

Alaska used to be a state, per this definition, as David explains. Then when Alaska became a state in the Union, it was no longer a ‘state’ in the context of Title 26. Tricky!

Of the many important points, here are some:

  • The W2 is witness testimony one must rebut
  • Most Americans, if they are required to complete a return, should complete the 1040NR, for non-resident aliens, yet the 1040 is distributed everywhere, such as at all post offices. Note, most Americans do not have remuneration that qualifies as ‘wages’ or income.
  • The importance of getting businesses to stop withholding, since in most cases this is not required.
  • Once thou knows the truth about the federal income tax, and if one was incorrectly applying the tax, one cannot proceed as before as that would be committing perjury.
  • One cannot be prosecuted for being wrong about sincere beliefs about the income tax.
  • The W2 has separate boxes for ‘Wages’, ‘Social Security wages’, and ‘Medicare wages’ because ‘wages’ has a specific definition when used in the context of Social Security and Medicare. [Look up 26 U.S. Code § 3121 and 26 U.S. Code § 3401, while having Cracking the Code to guide thee.]
  • Treasury Decision 2313 describes an American, Frank R. Brushaber, born on New York soil and living on New York soil, as a non-resident alien. David Williams, in an email to me, clarified that TD 2313 says, “federally domestic corporations such as Union Pacific were subject to tax, and that even nonresident alien stockholders such as Brushaber were subject to withholding of tax from their profits.”
  • The Brushaber decision did not stop a tax on federal domestic corporations, meaning those owned or privileged by the federal government. In the interview, David Williams points out that Brushaber’s other stock investments were not taxed, even after the 16th amendment. [Though today, everyone thinks all investments in the 50 united states are taxable.]

I downloaded an MP3 of the interview and have listened to it at least four times; each time I learn more:

  • View the interview below.
  • Use the audio player below or (right-click) download MP3 
  • Download his main report @NoThanksIRS.
  • Read the book, Cracking the Code.
  • Learn the difference between United States and The United States of America. Read the white papers at In a nutshell, United States is territory controlled by the federal government. The United States of America is the 50 states of the union.

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