Woman has baby in foyer because of irrational trip to hospital

Seth Myers, the talk show host, said his baby was born in the foyer of his apartment building, just before he and his wife had planned to travel to a hospital. The baby was actually in her sweatpants as they were walking out, he explained.

The idea of rushing to a hospital for a completely common action is preposterous and this event helps prove it. It used to be that when a woman went into labor, someone would go to the end of a street, call a midwife from a neighborhood phone, and the midwife would help the woman have the baby in the comfort of her home.

i expect someone wanted women to instead ‘deliver’ (as in a package) her baby in a ‘delivery room’ of a maternity ‘ward’. What about the paternity? Then the mother and baby need approval before being ‘discharged’ from the hospital. And of course they ask for the mom’s maiden name to pretend the baby is a bastard with no right to an inheritance.

To get this to happen, to convince women to leave the comfort of their homes, and the comforting experience of working with a female midwife, i expect the media sensationalized every instance where either a baby or mom died when the baby was born. The media and the authorities said it is best to have a doctor, meaning another man, stare at the most private areas of the woman’s body. It is best to spend huge sums of money to pay the doctor and the nurses and to rent the hospital room. Then they added the need for the expensive c-section.

The media are in the midst of making people afraid of measles, such as this headline, ”
New Jersey residents may have been exposed to measles at several places, including Newark Airport”. Health officials raise false alarms about symptoms that while unpleasant do not threaten one’s life except in rare cases: “People with measles could develop symptoms such as rash, high fever, cough, runny nose and red, watery eyes. In some cases, serious complications such as pneumonia and encephalitis could develop.”

Don’t believe the yellow journalist or fake news about measles or about having a baby at home.

While we shouldn’t go back to having a neighborhood phone, we should return to the completely common and safe practice of babies being born (not birthed) at home. Otherwise more babies will be born in building foyers or harmed en route to the hospital.


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