New page about the title ‘Mister’

What a retired admiral said about the title ‘mister’ prompted me to finally created a related page. The retired admiral said that a new Navy recruit will be called by his family name initially. Then when he (or she) becomes an officer, he will be referred to as “Mister” plus his family name, such as “Mister Henderson”. The custom of using the title Mister is appropriate for the Navy, but nowhere else.

It’s polite to open the door for someone. Everyone knows that. But everyone would not naturally assume to refer to a neighbor as “Mister” so-and-so. That is likely part of the reason people are sent to the government’s schools where they learn at an early each to call their teachers Mister or Miss so-and-so. Yet another reason to not send thy property to the public (as in government) schools.

On the mister page, I also placed the video of the AT showing methods of avoiding the mister trap at court.


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