Why would men and women come to a port?

i find it odd that an entrance to the country for men and women is called a port. i think they do this to pretend that everything is about shipping or commerce and that gives jurisdiction to the federal government called United States. See this testimony:

NIELSEN: If you are fleeing and you have a need to come to the United States, please come to the ports of entry. You — you — you know, we will process your claim there. But if you come across the border illegally, you’ve — you’ve broken the law and we have to prosecute. It’s the only way to keep our border — to have a border. [read the rest]

If i am traveling by plane, am i using an airport or an airfield? There may be an airport at the location but I am using the airfield portion.

i am carrying my belongings but not transporting them. No one is paying me to transport any items. i am not a ship or a shipper.

The word ‘transportation’ contains the word ‘port’. i am not transporting. i am not going from one port to another, whether by airplane or by car.

The definition of ‘transportation’ may surprise thou:

TRANSPORTATION, punishment. In the English law, this punishment is inflicted by virtue of sundry statutes; it was unknown to the common law. 2 H. Bl. 223. It is a part of the judgment or sentence of the court, that the party shall be transported or sent into exile. 1 Ch. Cr. Law, 789 to 796: Princ. of Pen. Law, c. 4 §2.

i once read that they assume we are self-loading luggage.

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