It’s the strawman. It’s the trust named FIRST LAST.

I know it’s been said that the strawman is the crux of the problem. Well, it is.

What we call the name, that has a FIRST and LAST name, is actually a trust created by a corporate entity, whether it be United States or State of Ohio. It’s a corporate-type entity and thou [you] is mistakenly agreeing to be the agent for the corporate entity. Let’s call it a franchise, as in the real State of California Franchise Tax Board. Why is the word ‘franchise’ in the name? Because they tax franchises, like the names FIRST LAST.

Thou agrees to be an agent for this franchise/straw man and then must abide by all the rules and policies of the franchise, just as if thou is an employee of a company or if one was appointed as the agent for another man and had to follow the stipulations set by that man.

See this Bugs Bunny cartoon, featuring the IRS, that explains what happened.

So we solve it all…by not using the FIRST LAST name they created.

  • Thou does not have a FIRST name. Thou has a given name.
  • Thou does not have a LAST name. Thou has a family name.
  • Thou does not have a birthdate. Thou was born on a day.

Making the transition won’t be easy (and I’ve done very little) since most of what we know occurs within this commercial realm they have created. It’s a huge ‘company town’ and we must instead build parallel systems. They did this. They built a parallel system, and gradually everyone started using the straw man of their system, along with their banks, and getting their drivers licenses, and everything else.

We have to bring back the old system and slowly move back to it. It won’t be easy.

Note the website Lose the Name.

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