Worship – War Ship – Ship of War – It’s not a church, and it’s not a country

War-ship your re-legion

People are fooled by words. People thought they were joining a church or a group focused on a god, but instead they joined a maritime operation – a War Ship or Ship of War. Similarly, today, people think they’re joining a country, but they are consenting to citizenship — Ship Citizen.

Be sure to read Operation of Every Single Claim in a Nutshell.

How to fool people into giving up their natural rights. Ship of War. Re-legion. Ship citizen. Re-side.

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2 comments on “Worship – War Ship – Ship of War – It’s not a church, and it’s not a country

  1. All’s well. Great information. Soooo how do I force gov., to listen to me as a real live human? My birth certificate does not have my name on it. Only baby boy “A”

    Their is NO EVIDENCE, of the inc. me(my present name). How do I get the state to provide me the
    application for live birth, that would have baby boy A or B, on it? Then per your comments I don’t exist in the gov., system,

  2. Everything is a ship in dry dock. The entire Earth has been high water marked. That’s the reason for the flood story (Noah, Gilgamesh etc) in ancient texts.
    The entire world was flooded and everything was a floating vessel (ship)

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